The Good and Bad About In-Person Events

Good and Bad About In-Person Events

When you are hosting any event be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid the main goal is to connect and engage the audience for creating a successful event. Lately, virtual events are becoming more popular in the event industry but still a lot of organizers choose the essence of personal connections and host in-person events

For hosting an in-person event some organizers do prefer in-Person Event Platforms while others still prefer a traditional way of hosting an in-person event. If you are planning to host an event in person in the future here are some of the good and bad of in-person events that you should keep in mind while thinking about hosting an event.

The Good Things About In-Person Events 

Here are some of the goods of in-person event that you should consider: 

1. Personal Touch 

Personal interaction is vital for any event and an in-person event promotes personal interaction. Personal interaction can have a positive impact on the attendees and they can interact with everyone at the event on a more personal level. When thinking of virtual events they lack the personal touch and that is the reason a lot of people prefer in-person events. 

With in-person events, attendees can meet people personally, and they can interact and observe each other. In-person events are great for people who like to go out and meet people and build connections. 

2. Digitalisation Of In-Person Event 

In-person events also have a good scope, you don’t have to stick to a traditional way of hosting an in-person event. You can use in-person event platforms, social media, and WhatsApp business automation to make your event more digital. You can also choose live streaming services your in-person event. 

Using an in-person platform can make your event more manageable and with WhatsApp automation solutions you can provide your audience with easy solutions. You can use WhatsApp for event registration and WhatsApp for event tickets to make your user journey easier. By using smart solutions like QR-based check-in, Event CRM, M badges, mobile event app, and RSVP management you can even make your in-person event smart. 

3. Build Trust & Brand Awareness 

The in-person event has more personal touch which can build the trust of your audience. In-person events are great for building a brand image or awareness of the brand. With in-person event branding becoming a little easier, you can use banner posters, photo booths, and other such things for the branding of your in-person event. 

Because attendees can interact with hosts and organizers on a personal level, they can meet them and connect with them and it makes it easier for brands to build trust. 

4. Networking & Communication 

Communication becomes easier during the in-person event. A lot of people take part in the event to communicate, interact, and network with others. 

When you meet someone in person it is easy to strike up a conversation and share thoughts and ideas. There is a good scope for informative communication and networking.

Attendees can also interact with the host and organizers, they can ask questions, share their opinions, etc. 

The Bad Things About In-Person Event 

Here are some of the things that can make in-person event little more challenging: 

1. Cost

The first thing that is challenging to tackle is the budget. In-person events are expensive. You need to spend a good amount of money to host an in-person event. 

A proper venue, technical equipment, management, and on-ground team will be required for the in-person event and that can cost a lot. And the organizer of the in-person event will also have to bear the expenses of the special guests, host, and presenter of the event. Their travel, accommodation, and food will also increase event costs. An in-person event also requires a team to set up the event. You can easily go over budget with an in-person event.

2. Geographical Restrictions 

As the name suggests it’s an in-person event which means attendees need to be physically present at a certain venue and that is not possible for all. Not everyone can travel to a particular location to attend an event. In-person events restrict attendee count. The reach of in-person events is limited, as not everyone can attend an event. 

Some people might have to travel overseas to attend an event and not everyone can do it. Not everyone can travel to another city or country as people these days don’t get that much time. 

3. Requires More Planning 

Planning and managing an in-person event is challenging as in-person events require a team of people planning and managing everything. There is a lot to do with on-ground events. As an organizer, you will be required to search for a perfect venue that fits your budget, can accommodate your attendees, a venue that is properly connected so that the audience can easily access it, and a venue that allows you to have an event setup. 

You will have to plan the accommodation for all the special guests. Getting travel tickets, and finding a date on which most people can attend the event personally, an in-person event demands a lot of management.

4. Audience Tracking Can Be Difficult

During an in-person event, it can become a little difficult to track users. If the organizer is using the smart solution or event platform, managing user analytics can be effortless but if not, in that case, it is challenging to keep a check on user data and analysis. 

The Bottom Line 

In-person events have their own set of good and bad, although most of the bad can be removed with proper planning. And by hosting an event using an in-person event platform.

According to the demand of your event, you can decide whether you should choose an in-person event platform or not. But if you consider using an in-person event platform it will make your event more flawless. 

You can choose a platform or smart event solutions offered by Dreamcast for upgrading your in-person event. Their smart event solutions related to registrations, event check-ins, event ticketing, social media integration, etc are very useful.

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