Everything you need to know about the Fortnite World Cup

Believe you’re great at Fortnite? Very soon, you’ll get the opportunity to demonstrate that and gather up a huge number of dollars en route. The Fortnite World Cup competition commences April 13. Who is qualified for the Fortnite World Cup? To enter the competition, you must be no less than […]

How metrics are changing editorial decisions in African newsrooms

For example, the latest developments, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and VoiceSp have already developed wide range of newsletters, schedules and applications. It has encouraged intellectuals to make changes to the topics collected by subject articles and expert columnists just as they are. The status of this “new media” was as active […]

How desi tech lobby is giving Silicon Valley giants a run for its money

An ethical sentence in Silicon Valley, a unexpected US president in Delhi, a powerful government, and a recently packed Indian Indian companies has become a great example of the opportunity. Indian innovation entry has never done this very well. Recently, over a year, the Indian Innovation Entrepreneur changed the changes […]