Things to do in Honduras

Things to do in Honduras

Honduras is one of the places that is filled with natural beauty and the wildlife of this place is diverse. Nature lovers can explore the various beaches, jungles and even the rainforest here. The beautiful Bay Islands of the place are a sight to behold. It is the second biggest barrier reef and the laid back islands can easily lure many divers, travelers and even the snorkelers. The place is rich in culture and has been a home to various archeological treasures. There are various adventures of which you can be a part of. 

So, in order to explore the best treasures people can try to visit the best places that are mentioned here.

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This is among the largest of the Bay Islands. There is a cruise ship port and the flourishing reef helps to enhance your trip. The mountainous backbone of the island offers various opportunities to dive deep into the sea. Moreover, it is seen that the best strands can be explored through the West Bay Beach. There are various top attractions here such as the Roatan institute, the Roatan marine park, the Carambola gardens and a lot more.

Coapan Archeological Site

The Copan Archeological site is one of the most visited sites and it is even regarded as the UNESCO world heritage site. The site has an immense plaza, unique temple, superb carved structures and a lot more. In order to know more about the Mayan culture then you can visit the Museum of Mayan Sculpture. The visitors like to stroll around the nature trails.

Dolphins Encounter

If you love to watch the aquatic animals, then the Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences is the best and here you can have an unforgettable dolphin experience. Dolphins here are free to swim and there is a large area in the wild as well. The animal lovers can play games, do snorkeling, dive in and even perform their own dolphin show.

Museum of Mayan Culture

The museum is certainly a stop where you can get to explore various things. Moreover, the tunnels here open up into a vast space which is best to visit. In the museum you can see more than 3000 pieces of original Maya Sculpture. There were various buildings on site which were rebuilt. And here you can even witness the Rosalila Temple replica which is just an amazing structure.

La Tigra National Park

This national park is perched at 2270 meters and the lush forest is home to monkeys, pumas and even the ocelots as well. It is one of the most visited parks and the place is even known for being the haven for birds. There are over 200 species of birds and the hiking trails are even very interesting. 

So, if you are thinking of visiting this place, then you can surely book your tickets with the Spirit airlines booking. Add these to your checklist and do visit these places. These are going to add more value to your next trip.

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