Creating Convenience for Police, Detectives, and Crime Scene Investigators

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Police departments worldwide are, without a doubt, important to all communities. They serve to uphold the law, defend the peace and remain impartial during their work’s circumstances. Many rely on the Police to troubleshoot traffic issues, domestic problems and investigate crimes. Who is there for the Police? Who or what provides them convenience and effective tools for their job?

A Rapid Deployment Vehicle (RDV) is commonly in use by a large variety of police departments, and a certain kind is quite vital to their job in investigating crimes. Crime Scene Investigation RDV is a mobile crime lab that proves to be helpful and necessary for police and detectives alike. When investigating homicides, shootouts, complex traffic accidents or even hostage negotiation, police need the tools to provide the following:

  • Intense lighting of affected area and spotlighting areas
  • Kits for fingerprinting, gathering evidence
  • Storage
  • On site command center
  • Photography or Video platform and processing area

Proper lighting

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) need the ability to take a good look at all the factors. Without ample lighting clues or evidence can be easily missed. A forensic teacher of Deakin University strongly emphasizes the importance of being aware of surroundings and determining evidence from any red herrings. The director of the university’s program looks for clues in unsuspecting contributors. As a highly credible forensic entomology source [1],

“She [, Dr. Michelle Harvey,] explains that after a person dies [,] flies are attracted to the [odors the body] emits and lay their eggs in the wounds [. T] he age of the insects are then used to estimate the time of death. ‘I think it’s fascinating to take the humble Aussie blowfly that most people hate and put it to good use.'”

Having a well-lit surface allows CSI to evaluate and eliminate any factors. It also warns those nearby, including the criminals, to not come near the area because it is police territory. The spotlighting feature is ideal for shining light into higher areas for criminal spotting. It also allows CSI or police to look further beyond the crime scene for any evidence or clues. Contact Crime Scene Cleanup & Death Cleanup Oak Ridge TN for more help.

Evidence Kits and Storage

Some evidence is very time-sensitive and has to be properly stored. RDVs that are customized with evidence kit storage and refrigerators allow evidence to be stored for longer periods of time while the investigation is still being pursued. It also allows for storage during processing times.

Having the correct equipment to process evidence, such as drug testing, is also important in RDVs for CSI. If medical examiners can narrow down drug type, then they will have a key piece of their potential cause or near cause of death for a victim. This information will expedite the search to a different level for CSI.

Having fingerprinting kits handy as well as the equipment to read the fingerprints can help eliminate and narrow down suspect(s) on-scene. This inevitably saves police detectives time in search and pursuit for the exact target.

On Site Command Center

Having an RDV on site allows the police commander or captain to claim that site as the “new” command center. It becomes the hub for all investigation, briefing and paperwork. If unmarked it can also serve as a stake out vehicle for other investigation types. Command centers need to be equipped with space, monitoring devices, file storage, desks, technology equipment and more.

Photo or Video Area

For some investigations or stake outs, police need the ability to have a steady platform for taking photos or video. This is usually used to track a suspect. If there is photo or video processing units within the vehicle, then information can be quickly determined or investigated further for other clues or suspect-narrowing. Hostage situations will benefit from having this equipment on board. It allows the snipers to have a better idea of where NOT to shoot thus reducing the risk of harming more than the intended target.

Rapid Deployment Vehicles outfitted to serve as mobile crime scene investigation units are very beneficial to police, detectives and crime scene investigators. It becomes a source of storage and tools needed on site for better scene processing as well as victim and suspect identification.

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