Best Places to visit in Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is one of the attractions where you will get everything that you need for a tropical vacation. The soaked beaches, the tropical gardens, as well as the lush countryside views are something to die for. If you need an escape, you can grab it from the urban town. 

The large resorts as well as the best beaches can be found here. If you are thinking of finding the best beaches then you will find them here. You can do fishing, golfing as well as river rides here. So, add this place in your things to do and the best places that you can visit here are mentioned below. So, check them out.

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Nine-mile day trip

The Dunns River Falls are the most famous among the people. You can find people taking day trips here. The place is the birthplace of the legendary musician Bob Marley. If you are starting the tour, you will start it with the Nine-mile visit. Here you will learn about Bob Marley’s life. After lunch you can hike to the Dunns River Falls and if you want to know about more attractions then you can even think of a boat ride.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctors cave beach has white Sands, the waters are clear and here you can find the mineral springs. The British Osteopath has declared that the waters of this place have curative powers. The future of the people is reframed by visiting here. The hotel springs up, and the area is a tourist hot spot for people.

The beach is very crowded with the cruise passengers and despite the admission charge. The place is also very popular for snorkeling with the families.

River Rafting at the Martha Bae River

This is the peaceful and romantic place to be. While relaxing here you can even soak the lush scenery of the place and the countryside. 

The trip to this place involves drifting down five kilometers of jungle river and the bamboo rafts. Along the way you’ll get to know about the flora and fauna as well.

 Amenities that you will need here include picnic grounds, swimming pools, souvenir shops as well as a lounge area.

Gloucester Avenue

This place is a famous street near the Doctors cave beach. The place has a lot of shops, cafes and entertainment venues as well. If tourists want to go shopping, then this is the best place for that.  You’ll find the art galleries and cafes here, where you will find the tourists. The place is a popular stop for the nightlife parties.

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Mayfield falls

The place is a beauty and the 80-minute-long drive to this place is worth the time. The falls here are not that massive but they are gorgeous and worth exploring. Mayfield falls are one of the top tourist attractions of the place.

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