June 24, 2021


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The F-150 Lightning Pro is Ford’s commercial-grade electric truck

Following the full F-150 Lightning reveal last week, Ford unveiled the affordably priced base version of this potentially game-changing pickup on Monday, the new F-150 Lightning Pro. This all-electric truck is designed with commercial customers in mind, though it’s sure to appeal to retail buyers, too, because it promises to be an incredible value.

The Lightning Pro starts at $39,974, which gets you a SuperCrew body, standard full-time four-wheel drive and an estimated 230 miles of range. A larger battery is available as well, which should allow this truck to go 300 miles between charges. Examples fitted with the extended-range battery start at $49,974. Please note, neither of these listed prices include destination fees, which Ford has not shared yet. The delivery charge is $1,695 for combustion-powered F-150s, though it’s almost certainly going to be more for the Lightning since it’s practically guaranteed to be significantly heavier, probably similar to the reborn GMC Hummer EV truck, which tops out at more than 9,000 pounds.

Three-hundred miles of range in an EV is an important milestone, though it also feels a bit skimpy when rival companies like Lucid promise more than 500 miles between charges. However, Ford did its homework and even the Lightning’s small battery pack should be more than enough for many users. The company analyzed more than 145 million miles of commercial customer telematics data and the results are quite surprising. On average, the daily travel needs of 95% of F-150 operators in the US are less than 174 miles. It’s basically the same story with the upcoming E-Transit commercial van, which has a laughably small 126 miles of range. That’s all commercial customers need for their specific usage scenarios, and it’s all they want to pay for.

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