June 24, 2021


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What are the features of the Wondershare pdf element for your Mac?

You would have worked with pdf files and documents during your school or work times. Since it is the best format to save your files safely, you will need a perfect pdf element that would help with the process of editing and managing your pdf files. If you do not have a pdf element, you would find it difficult to edit the document and alter it according to your needs. However, Wondershare PDFelement could solve the issue of the inability to edit the pdf files. Also, it would give you several benefits. Let us look at some of the beneficial features of the element for Mac users. 

Features of pdf element 

Editing the text on Mac – You will find the basic option of editing the text file using the pdf element on your Mac. You can change the text, font style, font color, lines, images, and anything you want with the following steps. 

  • You should install the pdf element on your Mac and launch it to start your editing process. 
  • Afterward, you should open the pdf file from the home screen of the element by clicking on the “Open file” option. 
  • You can find a “Text” option at the top of your screen. Once you click on this, you will enter the editing mode. 
  • You can edit particular lines or a group of lines as you wish with the help of “Select lines only” and “Select whole paragraphs”. 
  • Once you are done, you can save the pdf file. 

Convert the pdf file – You can make use of the pdf element to convert the pdf document into any of the formats like Word, Excel, HTML, RTF, PowerPoint, Rich Text, and much more. You should follow the following steps. 

  • You can either use the “Open file” option on the home screen or drag and drop the pdf file into the element. If you wish, you can modify the document. 
  • There would be a toolbar in the top-left corner of the window. You will find the “Tool” option. You should do Tool > Batch Process > PDF converter. There will be an option to upload two or more pdf files at once with the help of the “+ Add” button. 
  • Afterward, you can click on the “Format” button to choose the right format in which you wish to get the file converted. 
  • You can save the file.

Add comments to pdf – You should do Markup > Sticky Note and type your comment. After that, you can select the pdf to add this comment

Protection of your file – You can give a password to protect your file with the following steps.

  • After opening your file, you should do File > Protect > Encrypt with password. 
  • You can give the password and save the file. There will be two options of “Open password” and “Permission password” to restrict people from opening and editing your file. 

Extract your form 

  • You should open the form and click on the “Form” button to open a panel. 
  • You should select Tasks > Data Extraction from that panel. 
  • You can extract the data from the pdf by doing Extract data from PDF form fields > Start. 

OCR in pdf element

Optical Character Recognition is a technology used in the pdf element to carefully convert all the elements of your documents into another format and also help in editing, copying, searching through the scanned files also. If there is no OCR technology, you could not scan the document and convert it into an editable pdf file. You can use the OCR technology as follows, 

  • Your first step would be to import the scanned document that you wish to convert into an editable pdf. Simply, you can click on “Open file”.
  • Once your file is uploaded, the OCR technology would recognize the need to perform OCR on the file and you will get notified. 
  • You can allow the system to perform the OCR operation by clicking on “Perform OCR”. 
  • Now, you will be able to perform the necessary edits on the pdf file. 
  • Once your works are done, you can save the file for later use. 

This option would help you scan any of the documents you have on your hands and convert them into a digital file. Usually, you could not make changes to a scanned file. However, the OCR technology of the Wondershare pdf element solves this issue. 

Discounts and offers

You should know that the Wondershare pdf element would not be available at the same price all the time. You will get to see various offers and discounts frequently that you can take advantage of. For instance, you can find a current discount of about 50% for specific customers. Students and other professionals who would require pdf elements to work frequently with pdf files can use this discount to get the software for a reduced price.