July 24, 2021


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3 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Change the Way We Do Business

Sometimes it happens that the owner of a business may have to serve a large number of clients by doing a lot of work and the result is that he earns only a very small amount of money. But it is normal and you don’t have to get frightened by this. Some people say that for making money, the money needs to be spent by you.

Nowadays a lot of trades suffer losses. The reasons can be the middleman fees, human error and procedural delays. By keeping the middleman under control, eliminating silly mistakes and speeding up the trade you can improve the position of your trade and can earn a good amount of money.

If you will use blockchain technology then you can make your trade more cost-effective, more efficient and faster.

What do you understand by blockchain?

Here in a digital ledger, we record transactions by using a technology known as blockchain. The advantage of blockchain is that altering or changing the transactions is not possible here. By using cryptography, linking of the information records is done. The public can easily verify the blockchain’s information. There is a decentralized system in blockchains. So, on the network, all the computers can share the data.

By using blockchain we can build a number of applications. For improving your business, you can use a number of solutions that blockchain applications offer.

Now I am going to describe 3 ways by which blockchain technology will change the way we do business.

  1. Using smart contracts with the help of this technology – Here in the code we directly write the terms of each party with the use of a self-executing contract known as a smart contract. A blockchain network that is decentralized keeps the contract terms and the code. Each party will do the task assigned to itself as per the agreement of the smart contracts. No external party can interfere in the self-automated programs of these kinds as well as no downtime occurs here.

So, if you want to earn a lot of money by using smart contracts then what will you do? Once you finish the task after delivering the items to the required party then you get paid. But if in a short period of time the other party withdraws then you will get back your services and items. So, we can say that there is no need to settle disputes with the help of a fee-charging middleman or government officials or lawyers. But if you have to do the trade with the unknown people or with the less trusted people or with the jerks then you can use a fantastic tool known as a smart contract.

  1. For hiring better people – If you want a good growth of your business then you have to hire the right people. An in-depth research, a good amount of effort and so much time is needed so as to hire the right employees. For making this task easier you can take the help of blockchain technology.

Sometimes for the purpose of leaving a good impression on the potential employers the candidates tweak their CV. In order to make impressive documents they may use Photoshop. In spite of not having any experience in sports they may say that they were the football team’s captain at the high school. The reason behind their doing this is that these candidates are aware of the fact that for double-checking all the details mentioned by them you do not have resources or time.

But if you can verify the employee records very easily then it will be very beneficial to you. A digital ledger stores all the records of past employment, extra-curricular activities and academic records. Nobody can modify these records. Thus, if a candidate comes for getting hired then you can check his qualification’s authenticity very quickly. So, for improving your business you can hire very good and trustworthy candidates by taking the help of this technology.

  1. To better understand the customers – Managing the identity in a reliable way is possible with the help of blockchain. You can easily see the digital IDs of the employees and customers. Because of this, the verification of the identity of these people becomes very simple. If we use a blockchain network for storing this information then the issues of cybersecurity, fraud, money laundering and identity theft can get reduced. It is because nobody can change the blockchain’s information. It will help in growing the customer base because identification of the loyal customers is possible with the help of this technology.

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