July 24, 2021


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Three Surprising Benefits Of A Clean Home

Everyone knows that cleaning your home is one of the health fundamentals. But would you be surprised there are more benefits to a clean home than you were taught?

Like most kids, you probably had to clean your room as you were growing up, just like our parents were taught to as well.

But how many times did you just wish you could leave your home as it is and spend a day in the sun instead of cleaning your home? Is keeping your home clean really that important?

To answer that we spoke to the professionals at Castle Keepers Charleston who were kind enough to share just how important a clean home is and how it can benefit your health.

Clean Bedroom Equals Better Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation has published a study that showed 45% of US citizens complained about their quality of sleep. With the active lifestyles we are leading, you’d expect people would fall into a deep sleep the moment they lay their head on the bed, but that’s not always the case.

Our minds are working all the time, constantly obsessing over the things we didn’t do. And if the last sight before sleep is a messy bedroom, you know you are going to have a hard time falling asleep. The National Sleep Foundation also found that sleeping on clean sheets and in a clean bedroom affected the quality of sleep for the better.


It’s Good For Your Mental Health

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. A messy home can cause anxiety, stress and depression. As we learn to tune the mess out, we become blind to the clutter in our homes, leaving other parts of our brain overloaded. It focuses on the messy piles of clutter all around our home.

One study conducted at Princeton University has shown that clutter can in fact overwhelm our sight, making it difficult to focus on a task. There are other countless studies that show that a neat, decluttered home can improve focus and induce calm.

It Can Prevent Seasonal Allergies

Whether you are affected by outdoor allergens such as pollen or indoor allergies like dust mites, pet hair, and dust mites, cleaning your home will help ease the symptoms vastly.

Outdoor allergens can be introduced to our home through clothing and footwear. If left unchecked, both outdoor and indoor allergens can lead to insufferable symptoms such as runny nose, eye and sinus infections, itchiness, skin rashes, and more.

If you keep your home clean and use a high-powered HEPA vacuum to clean it, you can minimize the number of airborne allergens such as molds and dust. You can also use a damp cloth when dusting to collect the allergens instead of dispersing them. Also, make sure you change your bed sheets regularly and clean the frames of your doors and windows. All of these will significantly minimize your exposure to allergens and lead to a healthier life.