June 24, 2021


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Carole Ann Boone: Where is the wife of Ted Bundy now?

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial murders of all time. A rapist & necrophiliac, Bundy is known to have abducted and murdered at least thirty-six young women through the 1970s – but his number of victims could be even higher. Bundy was sentenced to death by electric chair for his sadistic crimes in 1989.

One of the most terrifying aspects of Ted Bundy is that he was known to be considerably handsome & charismatic – making it all too easy for him to lure in his victims and make them trust him. One woman in particular, Carole Ann Boone, believed his innocence until the very end – even becoming his wife and bearing his child, Rosa Bundy.

The strange relationship between Bundy & Boone is confounding. How did she believe in someone sentenced for such horrible crimes? Who would tie themselves to someone on death row? Read on to find out more about her life & where is she now.

How did Boone & Bundy meet?

Boone & Bundy met in 1974 when they were working in the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington. Boone was going through her second divorce and taking care of her son, James at the time.

Boone & Bundy were also both in separate relationships – Bundy dating his long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer. Because of this, Boone initially denied Bundy’s attempts to date her but over the years they eventually grew close and started a romantic relationship.

A courtroom marriage

No doubt in her mind that Bundy was innocent, Boone was by his side the whole time he was in court, consistently fighting to support him. Boone even served as Bundy’s character witness and helped Bundy with his plan to escape prison and flee to Florida (where he murdered three more young women.)

In order to appeal to the jury’s softer side, Bundy proposed to Boone in the courtroom and the two declared themselves married in front of a judge. When Bundy was given the death penalty Boone moved nearby the prison so that she could regularly visit him.

Boone would even sometimes smuggle in drugs for Bundy in her vagina. Somehow the two of them managed to have sex during these visits which conceived their child Rose Bundy who was born in 1982.

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