July 24, 2021


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Common sticker materials and when you should use them

Do you want to invest in stickers, but are unsure which material would be perfect for you? Or are you simply curious and want to learn more about the sticker universe?

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about sticker materials. We have collected four different ways to make various materials work for you. 

Paper vs vinyl

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of sticker materials: paper and vinyl. This is the first decision you have to make when thinking about purchasing stickers. 

We recommend using paper stickers for short-term indoor uses. Made from paper, these stickers are the eco-friendly choice as they can be composted. Yet, they are not as resistant as other materials. If you are looking for a durable sticker, invest in a vinyl-base. Vinyl stickers resist water, sunlight, scratches and oils and can be used outside for up to 3 years. 

But now, let’s look at some examples of the many ways sticker materials can be used. 

Biodegradable paper

If you have already invested in sustainable, compostable packaging or if your business is environmentally conscious, biodegradable paper stickers are the perfect choice for you. 

Made from sugarcane fiber, linen and hemp, these stickers are completely compostable – a great way to match your packaging and stay in line with your brand ethics. They have a natural matte finish and are thicker than most vinyl-based stickers.

Despite being made out of paper, this material is incredibly versatile and can be stuck to laptops and phones or used to label candles as pictured below. 

Glitter vinyl

Many sticker printers offer a great range of effect material. Glitter is one of the most stunning materials that can make your design sparkle. 

Suppliers print directly onto the glitter vinyl, which means a broad range of colors can be achieved. Printing white behind any color allows one to control the glitter effect and print full, opaque colors instead. This way, you can choose which parts of your design you would like to sparkle. 

We recommend glitter stickers if you are launching a limited or special edition as they will immediately elevate your product and give it a premium, luxurious look. Just take a look at the honey jar labels below! 

Transparent stickers

Transparent materials are ideal for stripped back, minimalist designs or any application where you would like the background to shine through. 

You can find vinyl-based as well as eco-friendly transparent stickers, allowing you to find your perfect match. Both options are incredibly clear and look absolutely brilliant applied to windows or other see-through surfaces.

Transparent stickers are the perfect way to highlight your product while keeping your design simple. 

Heavy duty material

There are sticker printing companies that offer a special, highly durable material called heavy duty. This is eight times thicker and twice as sticky as normal stickers.

This material is frequently used in the world of motorsport, where stickers have to withstand high temperatures and abrasion. 

In times of Covid-19, this material is perfect for floor graphics. Even when being walked or stood on on a busy Saturday afternoon, these stickers will last and remind your customers of the necessity of social distancing. 

This is a great way for you to create a unique experience with your brand. If you have to invest in floor graphics either way, why not make them stand out? 


And this is everything you need to know about sticker materials. We hope this article helped you understand the different options better, and you are now ready to embark on your sticker journey. Do you have any questions? Or have you been using stickers for a long time and would like to share your ideas? We would love to hear from you, please leave us a comment down below.