June 24, 2021


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Remote Refrigeration Control: What Is It & What Systems Does It Support

Monitoring and controlling the refrigeration system in your customer’s facilities is a seemingly simple task. However, if they own more than one facility, the entire matter can quickly go from being manageable and straightforward to being time-consuming and complicated. It may require constant attention and continuous monitoring from both you and your employees, as well as from your clients. Enter Remote Refrigeration Control.

RRC is a new system developed by Heatcraft and available from the leading HVACR distributors such as Gustave A. Larson that allows users to remotely control and monitor their refrigeration systems. This is essential for improving efficiency and allowing entire facilities to run in a streamlined manner. Now, let’s take a look at what Remote Refrigeration Control is and what systems it supports.

What Is Remote Refrigeration Control?

Remote Refrigeration Control is a control system that is completely internet-based and that enables your customers to remotely manage all the refrigeration systems they own. The RRC is streamlined, easy to use, and works from any browser and from any location across the globe.

This means that neither refrigeration system owners nor maintenance engineers have to be present on-site in order to maintain and control the refrigeration system. Additionally, RRC also offers monitoring capability, which allows box temperature control, modification of control parameters, and notifications in case there are any system problems.

What Are the Features of Remote Refrigeration Control?

Remote Refrigeration Control is a modern alternative to traditional refrigeration management, maintenance, and monitoring. It has several advanced features that enable seamless and straightforward operations:

  • Operating platform that is easy to understand and use
  • Availability through different types of internet connections
  • Text and email alarms
  • Ability to use a single account to manage several locations and systems

What Systems Does RRC Support?

One of the major advantages of Remote Refrigeration Control is that it’s available for new systems, but that it can also be retrofitted to existing systems your customers own. Let’s explore the two main systems that support RRC.

Mohave Hot Gas Defrost

The Mohave™ System is an HVAC system based on a heat pump that consists of a vertical condensing unit connected to a single or two large unit coolers, medium profile coolers, or evaporators. It has an electronic controller for defrosting, as well as a control scheme that allows the system to automatically adjust the conditions in order to keep operating at a consistently optimal level.

Beacon II

The Beacon™ Refrigeration System is a factory-installed pre-assembled refrigeration control system that features an internal electronic control board with a microcomputer and an expansion valve. This system can operate with one or several evaporators. It is an ideal solution for convenience stores and restaurants, but it can also be upscaled to meet more demanding refrigeration requirements.