June 24, 2021


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Cleaning Your Home & Yard for an Outdoor Party

Now that the portions of the country are finally getting opened and outdoor gatherings seem within our grasp, more and more people are planning a backyard barbecue. The improving weather is also inviting.

However, after a log winter and an even longer quarantine, most of our yards are not exactly presentable. So, if you’re looking to host a barbecue anytime soon, here are some tips on how to get your home and backyard in tip top condition, as recommended by professional cleaners at MaidThis Denver.

Mowing the Lawn

There’s something about a freshly mowed lawn. The smell, the view, it gives us a kind of calm and relaxed feeling. Which is why you should ensure that you mow your lawn at the day of the party or the day prior.

Especially if there will be children at the barbecue, you want to make sure that the grass is short, so they don’t fall over something hidden in the grass.

Order Your Backyard

With a pristinely mowed lawn, you need to make sure that your backyard is also well in order. That means that any kind of debris or junk you have lying around needs to be removed or at least put away for the duration of the party.

The place where you will be sitting, your patio or the deck will also need a good thorough cleaning. If you have a power washer, you can save yourself some time, while not compromising on the quality of your cleaning.

Prep the Patio Furniture

Seeing how spring is in full swing, chances are that your patio furniture is already out of storage and ready to be used. If not, that is a task which you will have to do as soon as possible.

Make sure the furniture is clean and free of cobwebs or any dirt that can gather over a long period of disuse. Additionally, the cushions which you use with your patio furniture will need to be thoroughly aired and washed after sitting in storage for half a year.

Indoor Cleaning

Even though you will be hosting the party outdoors, your home will also need to be cleaned, at least partially. You will be happy to know that your bedrooms will not need to be cleaned for the party (although it is always useful to clean the whole house while you’re at it).

However, your living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom will certainly need a detailed cleaning. When you greet your guests, chances are that you will go through the house to the backyard, meaning that you will have people going through your hallway and the rest of the house before going out.

Rooms to Be Used

Apart from the entryway, which you will just pass through, there are two rooms which you will likely be using for the duration of the party. First of all, your kitchen will be a place where food will be prepared before being cooked on the grill outdoors. It is also the place where your fridge is and where your cold drinks will likely be stored.

And, of course, your bathroom will need to be used by partygoers on occasion. That means that these two rooms will be a representative of your whole home to your guests. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to clean both the bathroom and the kitchen, if you know how. The tiled floors in both rooms tend to make cleaning easier, but if you can’t be bothered to do it, you can always hire a cleaning company.

Setting up a barbecue party for your friends can take a bit of preparation and hard work, but after such a long quarantine and difficult period, it is something we all need.