July 24, 2021


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Upgrade Your Work Look for 2021 With the Most Beautiful Valentino Shoes

With the New Year just around the corner, now is a great time to think about upgrading your wardrobe and reinventing your look. A lot of people don’t enjoy shopping for clothing for work, and end up choosing plainer, less inspiring pieces to those they wear the rest of the time. However, by updating the clothes you wear at the office with some beautiful styles you really love to wear, you can not only look and feel great at work, but also boost your confidence and really enjoy getting ready each morning. Why not try adding some fabulous designer shoes to your business clothing, and get ready to enjoy feeling chic and elegant every day at your workplace? 

Here are four beautiful pairs of shoes that will be appropriate for most smart casual through to business dress codes, all by Valentino – a brand that is known for its classic Italian style:

Black Garavani Suede Rock Stud Ballerina Pumps

If you don’t like wearing heels but still want to create a stylish and polished look for work, then these suede ballerina pumps are a great choice. These are one of the few styles of flats that look good with dresses and skirts for smarter dress codes, and the subtle stud details give them some pretty designer flair while avoiding making them too bold for the office.

These ballerina pumps are available in a choice of colors, so if you don’t want simple black, you can see what is available to coordinate with your own favorite professional outfits by checking out the full Valentino range at SSENSE. You will also find all of the Valentino heels here, as well as many other gorgeous options, as this site carries all of the latest Valentino shoe collections – plus the best in high end clothing, accessories and shoes from all of your other favorite designer names.

Black V Logo Club 35 Loafers

Heeled loafers are always a good choice for work, as they pair well with pantsuits but can also look good with skirts and dresses, particularly when worn with opaque hosiery. These classic black loafers with the Valentino V logo on the front are extremely versatile shoes that will go with all of your work attire, and are in a classic style that you’ll be able to wear for years without them going out of style. These shoes are definitely a good investment if you are looking to start introducing more luxury fashion into your work wardrobe over time as you will be able to get a lot of wear out of them.

Black and White Chevron V Logo Heels

If you tend to wear a lot of black in your work wardrobe, such as black suits or black dresses with blazers, then these black and white low heels with their chic chevron design will make a gorgeous addition to your collection. The design is professional yet eye-catching enough to add an instant touch of interest and glamor to plain black or gray business clothing, and the Valentino logo details give that extra bit of luxury. These shoes also look great when paired with one statement color, so can also look stunning with outfits like shift dresses in a single block color. 

The only real limitation is that they won’t really work with prints, so if you tend to wear patterns like pin-stripes a lot in your business wardrobe, you won’t be able to have them as your only pair of work shoes. That said, these shoes would be a good investment that you can also get use out of outside of work, because they can be an elegant choice for evenings, and the low heel makes them more comfortable than higher heels for most people.

Brown Garavani V Logo Boots

These brown cavalry style heeled boots are an incredibly fashionable choice that scream quality. If you prefer to wear boots and wear a lot of skirts or dresses at work, then these will be an ideal choice for winter, particularly if you prefer earth tones and neutrals to black in your working wardrobe (though you can choose black Valentino boots too, if you don’t want brown). The bold Valentino logo in gold metal at the top finishes these boots off perfectly, and makes them more interesting than plainer designs. However, if you feel like the gold detail is too striking for your office dress code, more subtle boot designs can be found in the full Valentino range.

Valentino is a wonderful brand to check out if you want classic style that is suitable for grown-up settings, but which still gives you some glamorous, fun fashion touches. If you’re interested in upgrading your work look for the new year, then they are definitely a fantastic brand to start with for your shoes and accessories.