July 24, 2021


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AliExpress: How to Detect Scams and Other Useful Tips

If you love a good online bargain, you’re probably more than familiar with AliExpress. This portal encompasses the majority of stores and small businesses in China that have ventured into the global market, selling their products to consumers all over the world… and always for the lowest price!

So, it’s easy to understand why AliExpress is one of the internet’s most popular marketplaces. But as usual, whenever money is involved, there are scams, and some dishonest seller is always ready to prey on unsuspecting shoppers with bait-and-switch schemes.

Did you purchase a brand-new iPhone 11 for a ridiculously low price, only to receive an iPhone-shaped cushion in the mail? Did you fall in love with an adorable stuffed seal but end up with something that looks more like Steven Seagal than the aquatic mammal of your dreams? Or did you simply purchase an item and never receive it?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has felt scammed after buying something on AliExpress. Because unless you’re careful, you could easily end up frustrated with what initially seemed like the bargain of the century.

To save you from bad experiences on AliExpress, in today’s article, we’re going to teach you how to detect scams on this platform and give you some tips in case you have somehow been conned. We hope you find it helpful!

Is AliExpress a secure platform?

That’s the million-dollar question, something we all wonder when visiting AliExpress. This marketplace offers endless items we’d love to buy, but we seem to recall reading somewhere online that it’s not very secure. Is that right?

The truth is that AliExpress is completely secure as a platform, in the sense that your banking or credit card details won’t be stolen by the seller. Your payment information (credit card, Western Union, Paypal, etc.) is never shared with the seller and is also protected by a reliable security system, Verisign SSL.

But scams are another issue entirely. While you can be sure a seller won’t swipe your credit card info, you may never receive anything in the mail. There have been many cases where the seller plays dumb and never ships your package. Apparently, it’s also common to receive a pirated item instead of the original. Keep reading to find out about the most common types of scams on AliExpress.

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