July 24, 2021


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The vegan lifestyle is often misunderstood. Can I still eat my favorite foods? Am I getting enough nutrition? The answer to these questions is almost always a resounding yes.

Although veganism has been around for thousands of years, the movement is gaining some major mainstream popularity. Recent research predicts that by 2040, only 40% of the world’s population will eat meat.

From dealing with opposing friends or family to debunking nutrition myths, we’ve rounded up five tips for being vegan and staying on track. Here’s everything you need to know about how to go vegan and stay healthy.

  1. Do It for Your Own Reasons

While going vegan can be a difficult decision, thanks to new plant-based products, a rise in organic farming, and vegan multivitamin gummies, becoming a vegan has never been easier. Don’t let perceived difficulty hold you back if you’re interested in becoming a vegan.

Whether you choose to become a vegan for your health, the environment, or for humanitarian reasons, the choice is yours alone. Let questioning family and friends know that this is the best decision for you and your health.

  1. Protein Misconceptions

A common misconception is that vegans don’t get enough protein. Luckily, Mother Nature is here to debunk this rumor. Humans need a surprisingly low amount of protein. U.S. News reports adults only need 0.8 grams per kilogram of body mass.

You can find plenty of natural sources of protein outside of animal products. Lentils, tofu, broccoli, black beans, and spinach are a few examples of protein-packed foods. Nuts, seeds, quinoa, and oatmeal will also help you reach your daily quota without any additional protein supplement.

  1. Beware of Vegan Trappings

Often times, when someone first becomes a vegan they may reach for junk foods, snacks, bread and pasta that are vegan. It’s important to remember that just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Learning how to be a healthy vegan means reaching for fresh foods whenever possible. There are also tons of comfort food recipes using only vegan ingredients if you do a little homework.

  1. Check the Labels

There has been a huge spike in recent years in meat alternative products. While these are great to help keep you on the wagon, be careful to check the labels. Many meat alternatives are artificially made products packed with far too much soy and other chemicals.

Read the labels on anything you buy. When you’re craving a burger, enjoy a plant-based burger every now and then. Just be careful not to assume everything meat-free is good for you.

  1. Have a Socialization Plan

Unfortunately, some friends and family may not support your vegan lifestyle. Don’t let anyone make you second guess yourself. This decision is all yours. Have a go-to answer prepared if you feel uncomfortable talking about your veganism.

Before you go to a restaurant take a peek at the menu. When ordering, explain to the server that you are a vegan and most places are more than happy to accommodate. Thankfully, there is often more than one vegan menu item available these days.

Embrace These Tips for Being Vegan

Being a vegan has never been easier. The next time you hit the grocery store or a dinner out with friends, keep these tips for being vegan in mind.

With veganism growing in popularity, know that you have a ton of support available to you. For more resources on how to have a healthy vegan diet, keep tabs on our blog.