10 Business Document Templates to Make Your Business Life Easier

Running a business? Launching a new one soon?

If you’re starting with a new business, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the different documents you need to run your business seamlessly. We’ve compiled a few business document templates to hopefully help you along the way.

These business documents are essential in making managing your business a smooth and easy process. Keep on reading to find out more about each of their uses and importance.

1. Business Plan Template

One essential document for businesses, especially those just starting, is a business plan. This describes all the different details that you and your business will go through. As well as accomplish to meet its goals.

This serves as a guide on what your business plans to do in the long term. This will contain factors like your company description, your target market, marketing plan, and a timeline your business wishes to follow. A business plan template displays the foundation of your business.

2. Weekly Activity Report Template

To have you and your team become more efficient, a weekly activity report helps present whatever your business gets done within the week. This is extremely helpful to guide you and your employees to adjust their work ethic. Whether they need to be more productive or if they should keep up on what they’re doing.

This can also pave a way for good communication between you and your employees. They would have to report what they’ve accomplished in-depth each week. A weekly report can also help you reflect on the effectiveness of your team and help you ensure work does get done in your business.

3. Employee Timecard Template

Every business owner must be well informed of their employee’s hours.

Having an organized log when they start and leave work helps you evaluate whether or not someone is late or even absent from the workplace. By keeping track of the hours that your employees are working, you can calculate to pay them accordingly and on time.

4. Sales Report Template

A sales report is what lets you analyze and identify the trends that appear. You can use this to find out what to change and what opportunities you need to be taking when it comes to your business’s sales. Tracking your sales regularly will show you what you and your employees should focus on.

In a sales report, you’ll find an overview of your goals, the expenses spent, and the revenue earned. When you layout different product revenues, you can easily differentiate which of them are successful and which of them are not.

5. Company Newsletter Template

Keep your employees and customers informed with the latest news from your business. A company newsletter will help keep everyone updated on the changes happening monthly. This can include things like your company’s accomplishments, upcoming events, employee promotions, and many more.

This is a sure way to keep a connection with your team. Communication between co-workers boosts their productivity and morale, which a company newsletter will also help you accomplish.

6. Digital Marketing Report Template

The perfect way to showcase the success of your marketing strategies and how it’s advancing your business and parts you need to improve on. A digital marketing report is especially important to any e-commerce business or online store. Digital marketing is what online businesses rely on to get the word of their company across.

You need to know how effective your digital marketing is to ensure the growth of your company. Your digital marketing report can cover all your marketing channels or showcase them individually.

Your marketing strategy, goals, metrics, and click-through rate. These are just a few examples of what a digital marketing report contains.

7. Paystub Template

Every business has employees, each of those employees needs to get paid.

A paystub template is a vital part of any business, it’s the way you give your employees their wages. A proper paystub will let you avoid any complications that may arise when paying your employees because it has all the necessary information written on it.

8. Annual Report Template

Just like the weekly report only on a larger scale, instead of focusing on your employee’s accomplishments throughout the week, this encompasses all the activity of your company throughout the year. It reports on your company’s mission statement, it’s growth, it’s financial income, and any projects completed within the year.

It shows a summary of what has happened to your business as a whole. Tracking the progress in all areas of your business and how they have grown. With this, you can investigate and solve any problems that have occurred to avoid them the next year.

9. Project Plan Template

When stating on a new project for your business, you’ll need a project plan to help you navigate and maneuver through its different parts. A project plan gives you step by step instructions and a clear plan for what you want to achieve.

Set different deadlines for each part of the project and keep track of what’s already finished. It can also go into detail about each step, to visualize what needs to get done on a smaller scale.

10. Meeting Agenda Template

It’s easy for any business meeting to get side-tracked and swerve away from what you’re intending to discuss. With the help of a meeting agenda, you can make good use of the time and be productive. It helps you outline everything you want to talk about and everything you want to settle to not waste time.

You can easily send it out to whoever is joining the meeting and have everyone in the room on the same page when the day of the meeting comes.

Start Using Business Document Templates!

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