What are the Important Features of UC Mini Browser?

Many Android users, in particular, use the UC Mini browser. The instinct of choice may not have been the right one. In order to provide browsing services to their customers, mobile phone manufacturers also need to pre-install Google applications on their devices. There are also claims that, in order to get the services and applications they want, manufacturers would commit to include a lot of what they would not want at all.

Miscellaneous web browsing tips

Your UC Mini app remembers the last page you opened. You do not need to close it separately, just write something new in the address bar and switch to a new page. Even the back arrow on the bottom of the phone works! For example, it is convenient to search Google for a particular keyword, go to the first search result, and then use the back arrow to return to the search results.

You can zoom in or out on multiple pages by “zooming” in with two fingers, closer or farther apart. Some web pages cannot be zoomed because the author of the web page has disabled the ability to zoom. You can also rotate the screen sideways so that the web page also rotates. (Unless your phone is set to Turn Off.)

Search Bar or Address Bar

The address bar is at the top of the browser. If the address bar is blank, it says help text: “Search or type web address”. If you are already viewing a web page, its web address will appear in the address bar. You can tap on this text to color the text. Now you can write new text.

You can enter a space between keywords, that is, words in a row. No need to capitalize initials. Pressing the arrow forward (or scroll or go) will display Google search results. Listed are all pages that contain all of these keywords. The best search result is the next search result immediately after the ads. Just do a Vidmate Apk Download for a better experience.

Or you can type in the web address, or the web address of the web page. It has no spaces, no punctuation, no capitalization. In English, the URL is often abbreviated to the Internet address.


Tabs allow you to keep many pages open at the same time. Chrome will show you a number at the top to switch tabs or add a new one using the + button. You may want to close extra tabs with X or by flipping over the edge.


To bookmark a page, press at the top of the Chrome browser… and select a star. The page is now bookmarked. (On the tablet’s Chrome, the star is in the address bar to the right.) To view bookmarks, press… and select Bookmarks. Clicking on the page title in bookmarks will take you to that page. To remove bookmarks, long press on the page title, then select the top bin.


You can also adjust the interval you want to delete. Everything is often a good choice, but you can also choose for example the last 24 hours. Pressing Clear Data will delete the selected items. You can also delete advanced settings, for example. saved passwords. Interested in Incognito mode, a private browsing experience where this history cannot be created?