How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1722

QuickBooks Error 1722 is one of the most broadly perceived errors in the QuickBooks programming in light of which your structure ends up being moderate and QuickBooks starts to freeze for quite a while. If you are furthermore standing up to a comparative issue in your QuickBooks programming,

QuickBooks Error 1722 can occur while presenting QuickBooks or its related application. It can in like manner appear during the startup or shut down of Windows. The error code 1722 is viewed as a run-time mix-up and it is basic to encounter each and every conceivable factor that can provoke this confusing error. If you want to know more about QuickBooks error 1722 then contact our QuickBooks experts at QuickBooks Support.

QuickBooks Desktop as like various windows applications requires extra Microsoft fragments for proper working. If Microsoft .Net Framework is hurt, old or missing from Windows then QuickBooks encounters error 1722 while foundation and undertakings. Some various mix-ups that appear in a comparable circumstance are error 1603, 1903, and 1904. Today right now, will look at QuickBooks error 1722, which is an installer error that appears while presenting QuickBooks on PCs running on Windows working systems close by its causes and objectives so follow the absolute article for point by point rules 

What Causes QuickBooks Error 1722? 

QuickBooks foundation is ruined accidentally 1722 specifically if the Microsoft .Net Framework is hurt/degenerate or out of date or various fragments of Windows are out of date like MSXML and C++. At the point when a customer encounters error 1722 error message “Error 1722: There is an issue with this Windows Installer pack. A program run as the bit of the plan didn’t totally exactly as expected. Contact your assistance staff or pack merchants. Action NewCustomerAction1, region: C:\Users\John\~1.QUA\AppData\Local\Temp\FP_AX_MSI_Installer.exe, bearing:” appear on customer screen. Reviving Windows with the latest updates settle any issues achieved by outdated Windows parts and you can without a doubt discard QuickBooks installer errores like 1722, 1603, 1903, and 1904. Hold fast to the a little bit at a time rules offered underneath to get a quick objective. 

Signs Of QuickBooks Error 1722 

  • QuickBooks Error code 1722 or equivalent error codes appear on your screen 
  • The dynamic window crashes when the mix-up jumps up 
  • Your structure starts to chill out and respond postponed to your bearings 
  • QuickBooks not responding 
  • QuickBooks starts to freeze 

Reasons behind QuickBooks Error 1722 

  • A program has error only deleted some huge QuickBooks related records 
  • Deficient or improper foundation of QuickBooks programming 
  • Disease or distinctive malicious strings has debased some of huge QuickBooks related records 
  • QuickBooks related records were deleted error only. 

Resolve QuickBooks Error 1722 

Before you go to the means of the objective, you are recommended to restart your PC and subsequently endeavor to open QuickBooks. If the error despite everything suffers, by then follow the underneath referenced advances: 

Steps to Repair QuickBooks Desktop Error 1722 


  • Snap the association and download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. 
  • Download the archive on your PC’s work territory.
  • After the download completes, twofold tap the downloaded archive from the work territory. 
  • QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool will yield and fix any foundation errors urally and it might require some speculation that depends upon the introduction of your PC. 
  • After QB Install Diagnostic Tool completes fixing QuickBook’s foundation error, restart Windows and have a go at presenting QuickBooks without a doubt. 


  • Press Windows + R and type Control Panel in Run Windows’ substance box. 
  • Press Enter and type Windows Update in the interest bar at the top. 
  • Select Windows Update and a short time later hit Check for Updates 
  • At the point when Windows see revives as presented click Update Now. 
  • Restart Windows when actuated. 
  • Windows will by and by present all the latest updates available of Microsoft .NET Framework, C++, and MSXML. 
  • After Windows wraps up all of the updates and you get the Desktop screen, have a go at presenting QuickBooks eventually. 
  • You can similarly visit the Microsoft site for help in case you are not feeling acceptable performing Windows refresh or connect with us at. 
  • Noteworthy: If you are getting Error, 1603 after you discard error 1722, which is extremely ordinary, by then follow our article on How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Error 1603 for bare essential exploring headings. 


  • For a point by guide headings on the most ideal path toward reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework follow organize 1 from our article on QuickBooks Event ID 4 Error. 


In the above blog, we provide the best and effective methods to fix QuickBooks error 1722. I hope this blog will help you to fix QuickBooks error 1722. If any of the mentioned steps do not work in your case then connect with our QuickBooks experts to resolve your issues related to QuickBooks or its products such as- QuickBooks Hosting, POS, Premier, Online, Enterprise and many more.