BPO Industry: 2020 Trends and Their Potential Impact

BPO industry has evolved drastically in the past decade with strong internet connectivity around the world. While cost-effectiveness still remains the most sought-after factor in outsourcing, the better service standards and assistance from the global experts contribute to its popularity.

In recent times, customer experience has emerged as the top priority businesses have been outsourcing processes. Given the intensely competitive environment in the global markets, customer experience is what gives an edge to a brand over its immediate competitors.

BPO Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Focus on Bettering the Omnichannel Customer Experience

2020 will see businesses catching up on customers across varied gadget types and online platforms. Potential customers are spread across varied web portals these days. The BPO industry will reach out to each of these individuals to identify their specific needs and pain points in relation to the clients’ products and services.

BPO organizations from around the world will cater to the technology and training needs to offer the omnichannel support to businesses globally. Companies will benefit from the same by being able to extend better support to its valued customers in terms of their satisfaction levels. One will see the BPO industry quickly adjusting to the demands by firms regarding omnichannel support.

Customized Outsourcing Support

With strong new players entering the space like the Philippines, the competition in the BPO sector is growing big. The majority of the BPO firms are upgrading themselves to suit the constantly growing needs and demands of their clients.

BPO associates are being trained on the latest technologies affecting the clients’ business. Many outsourcing service providers have now started to customize solutions that are specifically tailored to client needs. Fintech and E-commerce are the two major industries demanding tailored BPO assistance at the moment.

Businesses Globally Will Adopt Data-Driven Approach

With the ever-changing dynamics of customer service, businesses will begin relying on data. Catering to the needs of consumers on social media would require enterprises to meticulously analyze customer data. Customer journey will be mapped, competitor benchmarking will be done, consumer social media accounts will be explored, and basis that, customer behavior will be predicted. The underlying benefit to businesses over here will be identifying future customer needs and expectations.

Social Media Will Emerge as an effective Customer Service Tool

Customers in the digital age relate and connect with their favorite brands on social media portals. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp are some of the major social platforms where businesses will look to reach to their potential customers in 2020. Big shots such as Uber, Amazon, and Netflix are already exploiting social media to cater to their customer needs and predicting their future behaviour.

BPO service providers will soon be seen providing customer support to clients’ consumer base on social platforms. As opposed to the concept of contact centres, BPO firms will ensure handling more than one customer at a time on social portals to further raise the bar high on customer experiences.

AI-Enabled Voice Support

While omnichannel support will become a norm across markets, offering AI-powered voice solutions will become a necessity in the times to come. Taking assistance from AI, BPO companies will transcript each call at the contact centers. Leveraging AI optimally, BPO service providers will combine the data collected from varied customer-support tools such as calls, social media, chats, and e-mails. The collected data will then be analyzed to detect customer patterns and behaviors, which will eventually help in providing better customer service.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter what all trends come and go, one thing that will rule the BPO sector is providing an excellent customer experience to the customers of their clients. The future will see BPO firms increasingly focusing on strategies to better the customer experience. Predictive analysis will be applied to each customer to cater to his present and future expectations. Disruptive technologies across industries will dominate the way the BPO companies cater to their respective clients.