The product industry keeps on experimenting with new ideas for making their products perfect among all. As packaging is the most crucial part of enhancing the beauty of a product; therefore, every now and then, the latest trends are introduced in the packaging industry.

We see a variety of materials being used for the packaging of products, like plastic containers, cardboard packages, paper bags, etc. Yet, there are some types of packing’s that exceed others in importance and dominate the packaging industry.

Kraft boxes are one such type of packaging which is quite popular in the industry. From cosmetics to food, every industry has now shifted to using custom kraft boxes, due to their durability and affordability. This article gives you information about how Kraft packing is used for the different types of food products.

But before that, let’s find out what are the benefits of Kraft packages and why are they preferred so much for food products.

What is Kraft Paper/Kraft Boxes?

Kraft paper gets its name from the process of Kraft pulping, which was invented by Carl F. Dahl. The word ‘Kraft’ means ‘strength’ in the German language. Carl found out that, instead of the casual wood pulping process, treating cellulose pulp with sulfates increased the strength and sturdiness of the material.

The Kraft paper is a type of paperboard which is manufactured from the chemical wood pulp, specifically from pine wood. This paper is produced after being treated under a Kraft process, which converts the wood into pulp.

It is created from various materials, but the most popular of them is the one which is made from cardboard material. But these boxes are much more reliable and more durable because they have high resistance and elasticity. That is why; these boxes are widely used for packing purposes.

Benefits of Kraft Boxes:

Let’s explore some benefits of Kraft box packaging, which make them the most favored choice of product managers nowadays. Have a look:

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Comparatively inexpensive.
  • Much more durable and resilient.
  • Available in every shape and size.
  • It can be printed with graphics easily.
  • Customizable for specific occasions.
  • Stay intact for a long time.
  • Quite user-friendly.
  • Best for shipping purposes.

Why is Kraft Boxes Preferred for Food Packaging?

In addition to several major industries, Kraft packaging is much preferred to be used for the packing of various food items.

It’s not only the user-friendly construction of these custom boxes, like a lot of them comes with handles, flips, and lids, which makes them a superior choice in food packaging, but also the perfect durability and strength that keeps food products safe.

Moreover, these boxes are also secure in terms of keeping your food toxic-free, as the manufacture of these boxes does not involve any kind of chemicals that may spoil the food items.

Uses of Kraft Boxes in Food Industry:

As Kraft packages are considered to be most suitable for the packing of food products, let’s find out where and how we can use them.

  •       Bakers & Confectioners:

Kraft box packing is much used by the bakers and confectioners for packing their products. Cakes, pastries, macrons, muffins, pies, etc. are efficiently packed within the kraft boxes.

These boxes not only retain the freshness of these products for a long time but also keep them protected and intact until they reach a customer’s house. Plus, Kraft packages with handles and lids make them more impressive and handier for the customers.

  •       Restaurants:

The majority of restaurants also prefer using Kraft boxes to serve their delicious foods to the customers. These boxes increase the beauty and value of their scrumptious delights even more.

Not only the restaurant owners but customers also find these boxes quite feasible for carrying their products. Kraft packages are mostly used for take-aways and for the food to be delivered at home, as they keep the food fresh and tasty till long.

  •       Home:

The efficient Kraft boxes also prove to be of great help at home in daily use. They are used for packing and storing food at home plus, even for giving lunch to children.

Instead of spending several bucks on expensive lunch-boxes, it is much better to invest in these smart Kraft packages, which can correctly hold your products without damaging them.

Kraft box packing is as popular among the customers as it is among the product developers. It is, therefore, used for packaging in different industries, above all, the food industry. So, if you are also looking for a perfect packaging for your food items, then do give a try to these smart Kraft packaging because it will undoubtedly prove to be fruitful.