How the Latest Pool Technology Makes Swimming Pools More Efficient

With warmer weather right around the corner are you getting excited about opening up your pool and getting ready for a swim? With a new decade upon us, there is so much technology that makes pools smarter and more efficient. We are going to share below the latest pool technologies to make the swimming season even better this year!

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UV Disinfection System

Most people use a ton of chemicals to keep up with their pool cleanliness and to disinfect it. Even if you are not a huge fan of using chemicals you might feel like you do not have a choice. Thankfully now you do with an ultraviolet system.

UV lights kill bacteria, destroy algae, viruses, and other organic matter floating around the pool. With the UV system, everything that passes through the disinfection chamber is completely destroyed. The system is connected from your water line returning to your pool and your existing pool filter.

Say goodbye to terrible chemicals that are no good for your health and say hello to UV technology.

Pool Pumps

If you love your pool but dread the electric bill that comes when it is in use, you are not alone. Nowadays there are energy-efficient pool pumps that are worth the investment. It is important to find an EcoPump that runs on as little kilowatts as possible.

The lower that wattage the lower the electric bill that comes with it. When paired with an eco pump control from Invertek Drives Midwest, LLC you will no longer dread your utility bill.


Automation control systems are becoming best friends for pool owners everywhere. With automation, you can make sure that your pool is being as efficient as possible. You can control everything from a phone app no matter where you are and what time of day it is.

Everything from controlling the lights, spa, fountains, sound, etc can be done with the touch of a button. You are able to set timers for equipment to turn on or off and program your pool to help decrease the energy used to operate your pool.

Smart Cleaning Robots

There has never been a more efficient way to clean the bottom of the pool than now. You have options when it comes to choosing a robotic cleaning system to get rid of all the debris in your pool. This will save you time when it comes to cleaning and will do the job efficiently.

Say hello to more time swimming and less time cleaning!

Ready to Install the Latest Pool Technology?

Now that you are in the know about the latest pool technology, which one will you choose to install first? Technology continues to advance every day, in turn making our lives easier and saving us money as well. We hope you have a great swimming season and enjoy getting your pool ready.

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