Do you Need Robert Downey Jr.’s Money to get Custom Soap Boxes?

No, you don’t have to have Robert Downey Jr.’s money to get custom boxes for your soaps.
To be honest, custom soap boxes cost way less than you think. However, there is no one answer that
fits your packaging needs. Asking how much custom boxes cost is like asking how much different
smartwatches cost? Obviously, the answer to this question fairly depends on the variable that best
meets your needs and budget. Are you talking about the high-end Apple watch or prepared to settle for
the meek Fitbit Versa Lite?
Bespoke soap packaging is like watches. They vary in shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, purposes, etc. In
brief, the sky is the limit.
But this isn’t something that can’t be determined. Even if there is no simple answer to your question,
there are ways to find out how much tailored packaging will cost. But only after you figure out what
exactly you need.
So start by answering the following questions:
What’s the Price of your Soaps?
If you are selling luxury soaps, your ideal customers would like your product packaging to reflect that.
They want to feel valued when they will unwrap your product. So, you would definitely like to put some
serious thought and money into making your custom printed soap boxes.
Encasing them in some container or plain box won’t get your customers excited. Imagine adding some
vibrant colors and textures or use extravagant ribbon closures to bundle up your soaps and sweep your
customers off their feet.
If you want to preserve the scent of your luxury soaps, you would like to consider using a packaging
solution that will help prevent the scent loss. Most importantly, you want to use robust packaging that
can protect your soaps from wear and tear during storage, transit, and stacking. This might bump your
cost but it will ensure your soaps will arrive in optimal condition.
What Kind of Branding do you Want?
This is another key factor that will determine how much you will end up paying for your bespoke soap
packaging. Do you want to cover every side of your soap box with your logo, brand name, colors, and
slogan? Or printing a small logo on one side of the box will do the job for you?
Established businesses like Amazon can keep their branding simple. But if you are just starting out or
looking to make a mark for yourself, then there is no harm in adding a little zing. This will make your
product more visible in a crowded space.

Branding the exterior of your packaging is an excellent way to attract your customers, but it isn’t
necessary to stop there. It can continue inside. But full out branding isn’t going to be as economical as
printing a logo on the box.
What Kind of Custom Printing Options do you Want?
In general, there are three main custom printing options that are frequently used by businesses.
 Digital Printing: This is one of the most popular methods of printing and it is used for smaller
orders. Yet, it’s a bit more expensive because it is used to apply your design directly to the box.
 Litho Label Printing: To get higher resolution, litho label printing is an ideal option. But this
means your packaging partner will charge more for it. In this method, the design isn’t directly
printed on to the container, rather it is made into a label which is then glued to the box.
 Flexographic Printing: This option is also used to print your design directly on the packaging, but
it makes use of a stamp than ink, which requires you to create printing plates. It seems more
feasible for bulk or larger orders as it can boost your cost.
Apart from this, you also need to figure out what kind of box you need to print your design.