How to download Instagram videos

Every day, you can view hundreds of posts from around the world on this social network, including
videos. Learn how to download videos from Instagram.
Instagram started as a photo sharing app and quickly captured users. It grew rapidly and caught the eye
of Facebook, which bought it. After several improvements and upgrades, the social network lets you
share videos up to a minute and has already surpassed competitors from Vine and Snapchat.
With so much content sharing, surely there are some posts you'd like to keep. If it's photographs, just
make a print screen, but what if it's a video? There are several ways to download Instagram videos. Get
to know 6 options.
6 Ways to Download Instagram Videos
Whether it's your creations or your friend shares, downloading Instagram videos is quite simple.
Whether it’s on your phone, browser or app, don’t miss out on those great videos you liked to keep.
File Manager
Did you know that on Android you don't even need to have an app installed to have the videos you
want? All videos you watch on Instagram are stored in your Android memory.
To access these files, use your phone's file manager, go to Data>> Cache>
Videos. Now, just change the file extension you want to MP4 and you already have the video you
wanted so much.
Video Downloader for Instagram
This app is for those who do not like browsing the files of the phone and is the most famous. Allows you
to download Instagram videos with just one click and automatically records it to your gallery. Check this
This app is suitable for those who like to save all and a few videos. With an IFTTT, Instagram and
Dropbox account, this app is even simpler than the previous one. Just like a Instagram video and it
automatically starts downloading to your Dropbox. Then just go to the folder you chose in Dropbox and
you will have all the videos you liked on Instagram. Check this App
Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver
This app allows you to download Instagram videos through their URL. When you're watching the video
you want to save, click the three dots at the top right, copy and paste the URL into the app. Once you
do, the video will begin downloading, and you can change its name and destination. Check this App

Instagram Video Downloader
In this option, use the browser to download the Instagram video you want. The principle is the same as
the previous one, pasting the video URL on the Instagram Video Downloader page, with the following
difference: in this case, you don't need to install an app, so you won't spend any space on your Android.
Check this website
This app is completely free and uses the same principle as the previous two options: copy the URL of the
video you want to download and paste it into this app. The peculiarity of this app is that it is accessible
to anyone who has iOS. Some of the previous apps don't exist in the Apple store. Check this App
Now you can save all the videos you find on Instagram and later show it to your friends. However, don't
forget copyright: don't post videos that aren't yours.