6 Gift Options Are Sure to Be A Hit at A Baby Shower

If you’ve been invited for a baby shower, and have absolutely no idea as to what to gift the happily
expectant couple, don’t feel bad. This is quite natural! Here are a few suggestions from a variety of
budgets, to help you clear your confusion.
Personalized Clothes for The Little One
It’s a given that at a baby shower, guests are going to bring clothes for the little one. But customized
clothing will still be a hit! Customizing the baby’s name is a guaranteed hit, but if you don’t know the
baby’s name yet, or even the gender of the baby, funny quotes and slogans will work just as fine.
Just be sure the quotes are not offensive or insensitive in any way, or your gift will never be seen in
Soft Toys Suitable for Infants and Toddlers
Buying toys for the little one is easier, as you don’t need to worry about getting the right gender.
However, it’s vital that you make the toy age appropriate; for the sake of the baby. Avoid any toy
that’s too loud, or may have flashing lights. It’s also best avoiding toys that may be too heavy for the
baby, or have sharp edges or corners that can hurt the baby. For best results, take someone with
experience when you’re going baby shopping, or try shopping at an online toy store that has toys
categorized according to age.
Personalized Accessories for The Little One’s Room

Every expectant parent takes great joy in decorating the little one’s room before he or she arrives. If
the baby shower is held way before this task is complete, accessories to help jazz up this room will
make a perfect gift! If you know the baby’s name or gender, this task is easier; but even without this
knowledge, you can still do great if you opt for cute quotes or accessories that are simply cute…!
Little Electronics or Gadgets That Can Make Being New Parents Easier
Being a new parent is hard work, especially if this is their very first-time parenting.The lack of
experience will make it nearly impossible for them to sleep or work well while caring for the baby. A
gift that gives them a little freedom from their constant supervision of the baby will be a welcomed
gift; making things like baby monitors, bouncers and baby swings much appreciated.
Gift Vouchers for Baby Shops
If you don’t know much about the expecting parents, or are simply too lost as to what to get them
that can be useful, opt to gift them a gift card. If you’re feeling generous, make the card value large
enough to buy a pram or even a car seat. Remember that having a baby and taking care of a baby is
quite expensive nowadays, so a gift that will cut their costs buying the necessary can mean a great
Gift Vouchers for Pampering Places for The Parents
While it’s true that it’s a baby shower, and that the “guest of honour” is the unborn child, there’s no
rule preventing you from getting something for the parents instead of the baby. Gift vouchers to
spas, massage parlours or even high-end restaurants can be very welcome both before the baby is
born, and after. Just make sure that these vouchers have a flexible date and time, so that they can
enjoy it at their convenience.