Questions You Must Ask A Lawyer Before You Hire Them

There will come a time in our life when we would need the professional and legal aid of a lawyer. When
this happened and you began to search for one, there are certain questions you need to ask them
before you decide if they are the proper fit for your legal concerns.
Among the first things you should ask them is their credentials. Where did they get their law degree?
Next is when they got their degree and their years of experience. You also have to ask regarding their
specialization and whether you could benefit from their expertise. Lastly, ask them regarding their fees
and if you would be able to afford their services and fees.
Where Did You Get Your Law Degree?
When you start meeting lawyers, you need to know first if they have a Law degree and if they passed
the bar exams. This is crucial for you might be dealing with someone who is not licensed to practice law.
You would end up wasting your time and losing money. When it comes to sensitive and confidential
matters such as looking for someone to represent you, it is better that you do a thorough background
How Experienced Are You?

New graduates do not necessarily mean they are ineffective lawyers but years of experience contribute
to how good a lawyer is, especially if your case is something complex and requires the attention of
someone experienced. You could also ask them when they got their degree to deduce whether they are
able to find employment as soon as they graduated. If big and established law firms took a chance on
them after they graduated, they might have been at the top of their class or they did well during their
internship and or on the job training.
What Is Your Specialization?
Asking a lawyer regarding their specialization is recommended because you would want someone expert
in the field to assure that you are getting advice from someone knowledgeable in the area of your
problem. If you are seeking to register a patent, your best bet is an intellectual property rights lawyer
instead of a criminal defense lawyer.
How Much Do I Need To Pay For Your Services?
There are no win no fee lawyers who would only charge after they have won you your case. If you
managed to find a lawyer like this, ask them for their help immediately since the risk is significantly
lower for you. But if you need to pay the lawyer from consultation to representation, ask them upfront
regarding the charges and be frank as well if you would not be able to afford it. There might be a
possibility that you could work out an agreement that would benefit you both.
These are just some of the basic questions you must ask a lawyer before you agreed to employ them. If
you thought of any other questions that you feel are relevant and important to your case, ask them. Do
not feel embarrassed because they would understand your worries and anxieties and would likely do
their best to answer your queries.