Better future awaits – Plan your career today

The employment crisis across India is hitting alarming rates. The surprising fact is there aren’t

any fewer opportunities in the Indian job market. Nevertheless, there is a shortage of talent. But
there is a huge gap somewhere which skyrockets the rate of unemployment. This gap reflects a
lack of awareness about popping up jobs. This can be overcome by proper career planning .
Lack of career planning contributes to unemployment. But, if you plan your career today, better
tomorrow is waiting for you.
Planning a career
On a daily basis, “n” number of youngsters pass out from their schools and universities. They
are all bright but don’t end up in jobs. Because they do not know that multiple career options
and job roles across varied industries are there. And hence, they have not done any planning
for their career in line with their studies. Here are the three steps you can take right now to
develop a career plan to toss you to success.

Understanding candidature is extremely important before doing career planning. A vital part of
the career planning process encompasses the evaluation of lifestyle, skills, preferences,
passion, financial requirements and work style.
A person comfortable staying up late can gel into duties requiring night shifts. But, a person
who is productive in early mornings and during day time will not be able to continue night shift
jobs for a long time. Such soft aspects also need to be considered while planning your career.
There are many career counsellors in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and other
megacities of India which can help you figure out the right answers to these questions.

Research on career options
While carrying out self-assessment, you discover many new avenues, come across multiple
career options and also enlighten yourself with novel job descriptions and related qualifications.
These elements together form an advanced level of opportunity while planning a career. These
help you to determine which job role suits you the best and what position would be a perfect fit
for your skillsets.

So research well on all available options for you. Take help of various career portals and career
counsellors if in a dilemma.

Experiment roles selected
If you are post-graduate in English literature and have decided teaching profession as your
career path, nothing wrong in it. But before you actually jump into it, it is better to carry out
experiments on what all roles you select for your fruitful career. It may happen that rather than a
tutor, you enjoy yourself more in any consultancy or content writing profession. If you take a
wrong decision, you can definitely come back and change your career but it will make you way
behind than your fellow colleagues in terms of salary growth and designations. So,
experimentation is a must!
Tip: Selecting project-oriented courses or taking up internships related to a chosen career path
is also a great way to assess and experiment with those processes.

Evaluation and decision-making
Once you are done with the stage of the experiment, you need to evaluate those experiences to
arrive at decision-making. Continuing the above example, if you try 2 months internships in each
role, content marketing and tutor, it is now the right time to evaluate those two. Do not just look
at the numbers of salary. Also, consider the work hours you need to dedicate on daily basis.
Tutors can get the benefit of vacations but they also need to work on weekends during exam
times. On the other hand, content marketers may have fixed hours job with weekends off but
need to be creative all the time. So, figure out which ball is in your court.

Signing off – Hunt for the “right” job, accept the offer and feel
By now you know what is right for you. Accordingly, set realistic career goals for yourself. And,
hunt for the ‘right’ job. If required, acquire necessary skillsets on top of your qualifications. It will
be an added advantage and strength for your resume. Often, career counsellors are able to trim
your existing resume and make it look more professional but also think from your own viewpoint.
If your homework is perfect, you will quickly get your dream job. Accept the offer, get on board
and feel satisfied with your job role. Remember, India is also a land of opportunities and it needs
talent like you. So do a better career planning and land up in a job you feel satisfied forever. If
you are not aware of the latest trends and patterns in Career Planning or not enough confident
about defining a roadmap for your own, you can take the help of career counsellors in
Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, etc. cities and secure your future.