Is It Possible To Check Assam Teer Results Online.

Teer is one of the popular archery games which commonly played in many places like Assam, Shillong, Meghalaya, and Khanapara and so on. It is considered as old traditional archery game of North-East part of India. It is well known games where archers throw their arrow on their desired teer target. At the same time, other people predict a lucky number from 00 to 99. After finishing the game, the winner will be announced based on the targeted number. This traditional game is invented by Shillong people. This game is played two times in a day in two different shifts expect Sunday. The first half starts at 4 pm and the second half begins at 5 pm.

What is the process of the teer game?

In the year 1950, the teer game originated by Shillong people. Every week, village clubs from various places use to participate. These games become more popular and popular in many places including Assam. It is a legal game that is approved by the State Government.  This game is organized by an archery sports institute and 12 clubs. It is very simple and easy to play. The archers will come in a group and sit in a cylindrical shape. The archers will throw an arrow towards the bamboo thatch target. At the same time, other people will predict a number from 00 to 99. After the completion, the number of arrows thrown at the target is counted. If the predicted number you have chosen matches then you are the winner of this game.

Gamers can play their best by predicting the winning digits for each round. The bets can be registered on single or double-digit numbers. One can have a great chance to win more money. Overall it is considered as a lottery game. This game is played from Monday to Saturday except Sunday.  For example, if 352 arrows hit the target, the last two numbers will be winning numbers. So 52 are considered as winning numbers on that day. The teer dream number is one of the luckiest terms in this game. There are various predict numbers accessible so people can predict a number based on their thought. An individual can check assam teer results online after announcing. This game is only based on lucky of people.

Assam teer results:

In the online website, you can get results of assam teer results. The online site will announce the daily results of Assam teer game after 9 am. You can also able to get old game results of the Assam Teer. Moreover, you can also find a common number and dream number. Playing a teer game is simple but getting success at the first attempt was never simple. This game is based on only lucky. The common number is considered as one of the essential factors which help you to win a teer game. The first round and second round results will be announced at declared timing.