Special Effect Coloured Contact Lenses For Halloween & Cosplay

Special effect coloured contact lenses are becoming popular by the day. There is not a day where we do not get to see some of the most amazingly styled coloured lenses that would blow away your mind. You would definitely see an influx in the use of special effect contact lenses when next Halloween comes along and we will also see some really amazing extreme coloured lenses. When the time comes for Halloween or you are interested in becoming the next top Cosplayer of this decade, there is nothing better than these special effect coloured contacts. You can bring all you favourite TV, movies and cartoon characters to life by just wearing these amazing special coloured lenses.

With these coloured contact lenses you can become anyone you want, all you would need is the right costume, makeup and you are good to go. Any Halloween event or cosplay convention would become your playground with the special effect coloured contact lenses such as the blackout contact lenses.

These coloured contact lenses can bring any costume to life, just believe me. Halloween costumes would be so terrifying with Halloween eye contacts that no one would be able to stand your presence in the same room. And if you want to dress up as your favourite superhero from Marvel or DC comics for the next Cosplay convention then these coloured contacts will make you every child’s fantasy. This is the perfect accessory for special events and festivals.

So why not discuss some of the best special effect coloured contact lenses that could really put the shine in your Halloween party or Cosplay career.


The Black Sclera Contact Lenses

You must have seen some monsters in movies and tv shows who have truly demonic black eyes with life sucking effect. They look really scary and when the time comes for Halloween you could really use that as an inspiration as your costume. If you are worried about how you would pull of the look, then the black sclera contact lenses are the perfect Halloween accessory. These lenses will turn your eyes look like two black holes on your face that would suck away the life of anyone who dares to look. You can even use them for dressing up as the Mantis from the Avengers for your Cosplay convention.


Vampire Coloured Contact Lenses

Another Halloween favourite is the Vampire costume as the costume is a pretty easy one to pull off and even though it is quite common but still remains a very in demand Halloween costume. I mean getting your face painted pale and white with some blood around your lips and some fangs would do great. But with the certain vampire coloured contact lenses on Halloween would be amazing. You would really look like a real life Vampire, quite creepy that would be certainly.


Zombie Coloured Contacts

Well the zombie apocalypse has been talked about a lot these days, we know it is all fun and games, but this could really make a great costume for the next Halloween. Lifeless zombie running after flesh and blood sounds pretty amazing for Halloween so why not. Just make sure to use the special effect zombie coloured contact lenses and you would be rocking the zombie costume when the Halloween period comes along. This would even do well with your next Cosplay convention. A truly perfect coloured lenses that would do justice to your special and freaky costumes.


What Else Should I Know About Special Effect Coloured Contact Lenses


Coloured contact lenses are amazing and we know you cannot get bored of them. But with coloured contact lenses there are some precautions and safety guidelines that you must follow at all cost. Below are mentioned some easy to follow but important rules

  • Buy your Halloween or coloured contact lenses from a well respected shop or online store if you want to use them safely. Do your research and find the best store selling quality lenses.
  • Never share your Halloween contact lenses with anyone. They are your and must only be used by you and you alone.
  • Wash your hands before using your coloured contact lenses.
  • Always use the coloured contact lenses cleaning solution that comes with it when you purchase it. Never use homemade solution and water to clean the lenses. It would only damage the quality of the lenses and hurt your eyes.
  • Never wear the lenses for too long, they are not designed to be worn for long hours. You need your eyes to breathe as well. So take them off after a few hours when you think your eyes are getting itchy.

Follow the rules of using special effect coloured contact lenses and enjoy the events and festivals so with great fun.