Some home remedies to cure cough instantly!

Cough has become very common in our lives. A small cough can keep our lives on standstill and makes us very irritated. As soon as we catch a cough, we try looking for home remedies to reduce and get it cured. It is a common reflex action that happens when mucus or foreign irritants are drained down in the throat. Ayurveda has many home remedies that can help a lot when we want to cure this cough. So here are going to mention some of the homemade remedies which will quickly help in curing the itchiness of your throat.

These remedies are very effective that their one use will show good results and you will feel relaxed.

Turmeric milk

To clean your throat, some Ayurvedic experts say that you should drink one glass of milk in which ½ spoon to turmeric is mixed twice a day. This can be topped by a ginger clove as this blend will help in cleaning and soothing the throat. You can also add a garlic clove as well. You can gargle with turmeric water to get instant relief two times a day. Turmeric works like as it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Try to have the intake at night so that you will not feel any irritation.

Giloy Juice

This is one the best home remedies which can be used for curing cough and severe one as well. In case of chronic cough, you can add two tablespoons of Giloy juice in the morning every day till the cough gets better and cured. This is best known for cough for its anti-bacterial properties and balances Vatta, Pita, and Kapha by improving the immune system. This is the best-known home remedy which will help you in fighting all the diseases. You can use medicines from torex cough syrup company as well.

Honey, cinnamon and mulethi combination

If you want instant relief for your cough you can go for the below remedy which includes a mixture of ¼ tablespoon of honey which is mixed with ¼ tablespoon of mulethi and 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon. Having this mixture helps in curing the cough faster and it can be taken twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Honey will its anti-inflammatory properties help a lot in curing cough.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a common ingredient that is used in households. If you have an Indian mother then she must have used this home remedy to cure cough. For its best use mix, ½ spoon of black pepper with desi ghee and have it on a full stomach. Black pepper has the heating quality which helps with clearing congestion. Having this three times a day helps a lot in reducing cough.

So these were just some of the home remedies which can be used to cure cough. For instant relief, you can buy torex cough syrup which has all these properties and helps you feel better very soon. Take care of yourself and if you get a cough, then cure it in the beginning so that it won’t disturb your lifestyle.