Casino Lovers – Top 6 Games You Should Try

Deciding on the best casino games isn’t easy. After all, every player has different preferences and it’s all about finding the games you enjoy playing the most. However, there are also some games that are just too good to be passed on, no matter what type of player you are. With that said, let’s take a look at top six games every casino lover should try, listed in no particular order.


Blackjack is the first game most of us think of when talking about casino games. One of the best things about it is that you don’t have to be a professional card player in order to play it. In fact, the game is quite simple and the rules are pretty straightforward. This means that you can play blackjack as much as you want even if you don’t visit casinos often enough. However, if you don’t have some skill, you might have slight disadvantage. Luckily, memorizing the chart and counting cards isn’t that tough and anyone can do it. Oh, and did we mention the game is fun and challenging? It’s just that there’s something special in waiting for the dealer to flip over the card.


Another extremely popular casino game is craps. Actually, you’ll often hear people say craps is the best casino game out there but that, of course, is quite subjective. Although the game looks complex with an entire language of its own, the rules are pretty simple and you shouldn’t have trouble memorizing them. The game offers so much excitement and the craps table is usually the loudest table in every casino. Just the fact that you get to throw the dice and determine the outcome of the game makes it extremely fun for the players. Of course, with online casinos constantly gaining more popularity, you can now also role digital dice and play craps from the comfort of your home.

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

If you’re a fan of slot games, you’re going to love Ancient Fortunes: Zeus. The game combines excitement and fun graphics to deliver the ultimate experience to the player. It’s a video slot with ten paylines, five reels, and three rows, a game mechanic employing the Rolling Reels feature. Besides the standard spins, the game also offers bonus modes which is something all players love. Lightning bolts can trigger even up to twenty free spins that can earn you a real fortune. Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is so popular that although still available in casinos, you can now play it online. All you need to do is register at bet365 casino and the fun can start.


Roulette’s popularity stems from the sense of sophistication, class, and elegance you get when you’re playing. Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll win a lot once you step up to the wheel and decide to play. Not to mention that there are all kinds of variations to the game, meaning there’s a little something for absolutely everyone. And if you need another reason to give roulette a go, just think of Sir Sean Connery who hit the number 17 two times in just four times and netted $27,000 way back in 1963. And we’re not talking about a James Bond movie (Diamonds Are Forever) where he also hit 17 on roulette. This was in real life.

Fishin’ Frenzy

Another slot game that simply had to find its way into this list is Fishin’ Frenzy. The game is quite simple and if you don’t want to skip any gaming sessions, just install it on your smartphone or tablet. The rules are similar to those in other slot games and it takes just a little bit of luck to win. Just like with the Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, you can win the most when you activate every player’s dream – the free spin mode. Although extremely fun, the game does require a lot of patience and skill could be an important factor. This is why it’s a good idea to practice using a demo version before you start playing for real.


Another game you’ll see being played in every casino out there. Whether we’re talking about brick-and-mortar casinos or the ones on the web, there’s no doubt poker is one of the most played games available. The game offers unmatched class and elegance, and nothing compares to the feeling when you win a huge hand. If you’ve seen Rounders or Casino Royale, you know what we’re talking about. Just bear in mind that it does take a lot of skill to become good at poker, especially when playing at a real poker table. Professional players spend so much practicing and it’s a good idea to do the same before you start playing using real money.


Some of these games you might’ve heard of while others you hear about for the first time. No matter what’s the case, giving each of them a go guarantees you all the fun you want. Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll hit a jackpot or win a big hand and make some extra money.