What is the Easiest Way to Pay Your Bills Using a Credit Card?

The introduction of credit cards has eased the payment process for several utility bills such as electricity, telephone, post-paid phone, etc. Owing to the eased transaction procedures, the number of credit card holders has increased up to a little less than 50 million in India in 2019. This figure is expected to see a further rise in the coming years, thanks to the numerous features and benefits these cards come with.

Making credit card payment has been further simplified with the introduction of several online payment options introduced by several financial institutions. 

Inevitably, the presence of an interest-free period of up to 45 days (approximately 30 days of billing cycle plus 15 days of payment period) has made it easier for people to use a credit card. Repayments can also be made in EMIs with the facility of affordable interest rates offered by some of the best card issuers. 

How to pay off your bills easily with a credit card?

Making online payment is the easiest way to pay your bills through credit card. To pay your bills through this mode, you need to follow a step-wise process. 

However, make sure to repay your credit card debt in full every month to enjoy maximum benefits with your credit card.

The step-wise process for online credit card bill payment for utility bills is mentioned below –


1. Official website


The official website of the utility provider is one of the safest options to make your payment. 

  1. Visit the official website for which you want to pay your bill. It might be for gas, electricity, telephone, insurance and others. 
  2. Enter your customer ID or account number to check the outstanding amount 
  3. Proceed to pay the bill.


2. Mobile wallet apps


Mobile wallets are an easier option to pay off your utility bills on the go, from anywhere and at any part of the day. It requires no prior registration and can be done within a couple of minutes.

  1. Open your mobile wallet app.
  2. Select the type of payment you want to make – electricity, telephone, etc. 
  3. Select your service provider from the list.
  4. Enter your customer ID or account number to view the bill amount. 
  5. Click on proceed to make a credit card payment of the utility bills.


3. BillDesk


You can also pay the bills through the official website of BillDesk by following steps – 

  1. Visit the official website of BillDesk.
  2. Select the biller location, category, and payee.
  3. Enter the customer ID or account number and other relevant information.
  4. Submit the details to proceed with the payment.

Make sure you choose the payment option as credit card in each of the above-mentioned ways. Also, ensure that you make your credit card payment timely to boost your credit score, which in turn, establishes your creditworthiness.

Some credit cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard also provide multiple online modes to ease the procedure of bill payment for credit card issuers. 

Issuers of these cards also bring you pre-approved offers to make the overall application process easier and simplified. These pre-approved offers can also be availed for several other financial products such as home loans, personal loans, business loans, home advances, etc. You can take a look at your pre-approved offer by submitting a few details like your name and contact number.

Credit card payment for utility bills has not only been simplified by the credit card issuers but also accompanied by many rewards for their usage. As a result, more payments are being made through online credit card, thereby easing the financial burden.

However, it is essential to choose a product that offers the best rewards on online credit card bill payment to maximise the benefits. Make sure to compare all the options and use your credit card wisely.