Field Service Technician Desired Job Profile

The field service technician can have different roles depending on the sector and the company in which he works. In general, they are responsible for managing all customer support tickets in various facilities. Installation, repair, maintenance, system improvement, and on-site testing are some of the most common functions of the field service technician.

Technical Description of Field Technician

As a field service technician in our company, you will be responsible for ensuring proper activity management to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Duties and responsibilities of the field service technician

  • Perform customer support activities
  • Perform all on-site installation, repair, management and maintenance activities
  • Track and document the progress of the work
  • Perform troubleshooting
  • Identify all problems
  • Suggest and implement the solution
  • Operate the vehicle safely
  • Check and update the field automation systems and databases
  • Comply with company rules and regulations
  • Join colleagues and other team members
  • Building relationships and trust with customers and customers.

Field Service Technician requirements and qualifications

• Experience of a service technician in the field of X years or similar role

• Experience in the management and conservation of technical equipment

• Critical thinker and problem-solving skills

• Team player

• Good time management skills

• Great interpersonal and communication skills

• Used to the use of tools and mobile applications

The Role of the Field Technician

IT Field Technicians are essential to the work we do at Handex. They carry out a series of tasks on various worksites and environmental improvements, including wastewater treatment plants and refineries.

Examples of work including our Field Technicians

  • Project-related tasks, including construction and subject handling tasks
  • Preventive monitoring and maintenance systems
  • Manage repairs
  • Carry out sampling work, including reading collection and samples
  • Collection and recording of accurate and complete accurate data
  • Calibration and operation of field parameter meters

Field technicians carry out their work in a variety of environments, including all weather conditions. They work indoors and outdoors, occasionally at great heights or in confined spaces, and in temperatures that are sometimes very hot or cold.

Field technicians help maintain Handex’s quality standards by identifying current or potential problems in the work environment and then take the necessary steps to resolve or prevent them.

Field technicians also help maintain Handex’s health and safety standards “No one gets very acute” by adhering to all health and safety policies and promoting protocols at all times.

Hire real field Technician

When Handex seeks outside technicians to join the team, we look for people who want to be part of the work we do and are interested in doing so work with different project tasks on various job sites.  We look for an excellent work ethic, great communication skills, and a team-player attitude.  

As most of the work we complete requires different licenses and certifications, we also seek candidates who have licenses or certificates applicable to the industry, such as the 40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Certificate and TWIC card.

If that’s for you, let her do it and give a Handex to help you. It is an industry Handex has been associated with for over 40 years, and we welcome the opportunity to introduce this exciting industry to new individuals!