Approaching Minimalism – How to Simplify your Living in 3 Steps Only?

Minimalism is the concept of avoiding clutter and simplifying your lives by excluding the things that aren’t required. This concept applies well to our ideas, living and decluttering our home. The approach is simple. If you keep the stuff that’s no longer required, you’ll gradually overwhelm your home and makes it unwelcoming for guests or visitors.

Minimalism in the home helps you gain peace, makes the home look beautiful and tidy and makes your life manageable and easier to love.

But how to achieve minimalism in your home?

If you have recently bought Toronto condos for sale under 500k, you must be thinking ideas to fill up your space and make it look pleasing. But, now it’s the best time to start applying minimalism in your condo. Instead of loading it up with stuff, keep the stuff that matters.

Below are the small steps that you can apply to achieve minimalism in your home.

First: Make your Mindset

You can’t achieve minimalism without the mindset. The importance of minimal living is easily understood by those, who have known the good side of it. So, first clear your concept about minimalism and know how it adds to peace of your mind and soul. Read books and blogs about it and see how it ignites the positivity in you.

Now, follow these steps.

1.    Prefer Quality over Quantity

Instead of decorating your new condo with a lot of objects, furniture, decorative pieces, list down the stuff that you need the most. For example, if your bedroom furniture is too heavy and giving a bulky look, go for the one which is simple but have the ability to store maximum things in it so your room doesn’t become a mess later.

In this context, vintage furniture is a unique finds and gives a rich rook while consuming less space. Similarly, the other parts of your home should be decorated with beautiful looking pieces and furniture that’s required. You can also go foldable furniture. They are the one that can be used for multi-purposes. Like a sofa can be turned into a bed later or coffee chairs can be turned into table. While serving multiple purposes, they also save the space and give a neat look to your condo.

2.    Avoid Paper Clutter

We don’t realize, but papers create a huge mess for our home. The bookshelf, coursebook, bills, documents, home documents and a lot of important files and papers. Put all your eggs in one basket and clean the clutter. Like trash the ones which are no longer required, switch to digital mode of payment for billing, scan all your relevant documents and store it on the cloud so even if you lose the papers, you have the digital format of it.

Also, organize your bookshelf by sorting out your books. Donate the books if they are of no use to you. Keep indoor plants around your bookstore to enhance the beauty of the book corner.

3.    Purge and more Purge

Once a year, drill your closet, corners of your home, your shoe place and your bookshelf to trash the things that are no longer required. Create a capsule wardrobe, a wardrobe where you can store 37 pieces that you wear regularly. They are usually the good ones that you can swap with your trousers or jeans. For example, 3 to 4 t-shirts that you can wear regularly with the same pair of jeans.

Know that having less will make you happier if you pile up things that are not needed you’ll only add junk to your closet or condo. So, it’s better to trash the ones that are of no use and donate the things which are still useful but you’re not interested to have it. This action will help you to remove the clutter and add value to your condo.

At Last: Don’t try to go Minimal in one Attempt Only!

Even if you have purchased Toronto lofts for sale under 400K and decorate it with lots of stuff, you can’t achieve minimalism all at once. You have to step by step, room by room but first, it requires making the mindset. Then slow and steady you’ll win the race. So, choose baby steps and little by little you do daily, can make your life less cluttered one day and after getting it all you’ll be happy inside because it gains you mental peace and adds value to your life.

So, ready to make your home less cluttered now by following these steps?