How to Get Instant Alert Kids Location Using a Child Tracking App

Are you worried when kids lose their way home?

Do you find it difficult to locate your child with vague indications they share with you?

If you are nodding to the above questions, that means you have experienced it certainly. And if not yet, then you may come across.

Children are innocent to describe the street or place they have lost or stands nearby. Don’t worry; you can get instant alerts from kids with a location on Child Tracking App. Take a look at how the application works and how it reduces your pain.


Bit Guardian Parental Control with its location detector tool – “Pick Me Alert:”


Your child may ask you- Mom/Dad: Please come and pick me from the street where three hawkers are standing near my school, and I am waiting under the third pole! You will frown your brows as you may not get an exact idea about the address and get confused from where you should take them.  

Here, Bit guardian Parental Control is your need of the hour. It is software for parents to keep a watch on the online activities of children.

You can control and monitor the tasks of children like application usage, dialed numbers, time spent on the web net, and much more in this software.

The application is built for Android users. It is an all-inclusive software that helps you to manage the digital lives of kids. It is the most user-friendly software you will ever experience.

The software consists of various features that help you solve the problem like to track kids whereabouts

Let us throw some glimpses of the most recognized tool of this app:


Pick Me Alert: This tool is GPS enabled and hence can easily track your kid’s place.

When your child asks you to pick them from a particular location, ask them to hit the Pick Me Alert button.

Once the child presses the button, you will get the app notification. Pressing on the notification, you can see the exact location on the map when you can have the correct address, it’s easy for you to reach your child quickly.

Pick Me Alert can also be useful in awful situations like kidnapping, harassment, or bullying. Or in case if your kid has lost the way while coming from schools or music class, this feature is highly useful.

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So, How Can You Practically Implement the Get Feature?


Follow these easy-peasy steps:

Step 1: Download the Bit Guardian Parental Control App on yours and your child’s device

Step 2: Add your children’s account (as many kids as you want)

Step 3: Keep the location On on both devices

Step 4: Ask your kid to press the Pick Me button on the home screen of this app

Step 5: Follow the notification to reach your child’s destination.

This application also offers various features like Panic and SOS Alert to reach out to your child in adversities. Or, Time Schedule to put the rein on the application usage, App Blockers to block inappropriate applications and many more.

Get instant alerts from kids with location details using Bit Guardian Parental Control. 

If you are a concerned parent, then you must expect the complete security of your child.

Thus,  to fulfill all your expectations, you have to download the app today and to experience the serenity.