How Can Students Earn Money While Studying?

Let’s face it. Everything has become expensive in this world. Be it the tuition fees, rent, food or
even loyalty! But hey, this is not an essay on philosophy. So instead of focusing on how you can
earn loyalty, in this blog, we will focus on how you can earn money as a student (let’s leave that
topic for another post, shall we?). After all, the majority of the students around the world find it
difficult to fulfill their wishes and needs, amidst the huge tuition fees they have to pay. So let’s
explore the ways through which you can earn a couple of bucks to meet the ends.
1. Explore What You Love Doing
Honestly, I’ll rate this as an ‘Expert advice’. There are many jobs and roles you can take on to
earn money. However, what’s the point of doing something if you don’t even enjoy it. For
example, if you don’t love a 9-5 job, there’s no need to jump on the bandwagon of doing it. You
will only be exhausting yourself for some bucks. It will become more of an obligation rather
than an activity. Yes, some jobs pay higher than others. Yet, if you do a job that you enjoy, you’ll
be able to grow and work on the best of your potential. It will be a win-win situation.
2. Work on Your Campus
One of the easiest ways to earn money is to work on your campus. You can work in a society, as
a Teacher’s Assistant or help the administration. If you live in a hostel then by working on your
campus, you can avoid the extra cost of traveling from one place to another. For this, you will
have to talk to your college representative and explore the jobs you can do. At the end of the
year, you can get a reference letter from the administration for your services, which will look
great in your resume.
3. Write Online
If you got flair of writing, then you should convert that skill into a part-time job. Today, writers
are in huge demand. Companies want them to write their product descriptions, students need
them to write their assignments, and even the world’s most renowned authors require their
assistance to proofread their work. You can start your very own blog and generate money
through leads and Pay-per-click (PPC) procedures. Similarly, you can enter in a contract with
companies that provide diploma assignment writing services to students and become an
academic writer.
4. Teach Tuitions
There will be many students in your neighborhood struggling with their studies. By helping
them with their academics, you can earn enough to support your miscellaneous fees and also
polish your knowledge. Plus, you can even teach online. In non-native English countries, there is

a huge demand for English tutors. You can post about yourself on job boards or contact tutoring
agencies. Tutors of all the subjects are always high in demand. You can become a teacher in the
nearby school as well, depending on your qualifications.
5. Manage Social Media Accounts for Businesses
With the boom in digital marketing, businesses and companies are expected to run efficient
social media accounts. However, most businesses simply don’t get enough time to optimize
their social media presence effectively. Especially if the business is small-scale, it cannot afford
to hire a social media team. Therefore, most companies look for freelance social media
managers or virtual assistants who can manage their accounts. You can enter a monthly
contract with such companies and from the ease of your mobile, earn sufficient money.
6. Review Products and Websites
There is a huge number of platforms online where you can submit a review and earn money.
Some websites even hire you to review their products. You can also sign up at various
companies that email surveys every day to their participants and pay a minimal fee. Although
you cannot earn a living by reviewing things online, it’s still a good way to earn some bucks. At
some websites, you also get to keep the product in exchange for a review.
7. Use Your Technical Skills
Whether you are a web or a mobile application developer, you can turn your technical skills
into big money. With the surge in businesses and startups, companies are always looking for
tech-savvy individuals to build their web platforms. Moreover, you can design logos, photoshop
images, and even use SEO techniques to improve the rankings of websites. And the return is
always high. Most students are now specifically acquiring technical skills just to land up at
better jobs.

As a student, it can become difficult to earn money while studying. After all, there are only 24
hours in a day. There’s not much you can do when you have classes the whole day. However,
with fruitful efforts, you can gain valuable results. Let us know in the comments if you’re
earning while studying and how you’re doing it.