How Can I Sync Quickbooks On Two Computers?

Synchronizing Quickbook records between two PCs makes it workable for
representatives to team up on one brought together bookkeeping report. For
synchronization to work, there should be just one lot of Quickbooks Customer Service organization records
on the system, and you may need to consolidate existing organization documents. It will,
starting in mid-2013, require uninstalling and reinstalling Quickbooks on every single
influenced machine.
Union Company Files (Optional)

Stage 1
Download and introduce the Data Transfer Utility from Intuit Marketplace (connect in
Resources). This utility ought to be introduced on the PC facilitating the last organization
information document. This PC will be the "essential PC" for future directions.
Stage 2
Duplicate any auxiliary organization information documents to the essential PC. You can
move the document over your organization's system, or, when absolutely necessary,
move it by means of a USB streak drive or CD-ROM.
Stage 3
Start QuickBooks on the essential PC. Snap-on "Document" and afterward select "Open or
Restore Company," and afterward "Open a Company." Navigate to the area of the
organization record from the auxiliary PC.
Stage 4
Start the Data Transfer Utility. You will keep both Quickbooks and the Disk Transfer
Utility open and will switch between windows. At that point click "Truly, Always; Allow

Access Even if Quickbooks isn't Running" and check the choice that enables the
application to get to individual information. Snap "Proceed," "Yes" and "Done" in
Quickbooks to finish the union.
Stage 5
Snap the "Nearby" button in the "At present Connected To" field inside the Data Transfer
Utility, at that point click the "Record" menu and select "Close Company" in QuickBooks.
Stage 6
Snap "Document," "Open or Restore Company," and afterward select "Open a Company" in
QuickBooks. Select the organization record initially utilized on the essential PC.
Stage 7
Snap the "Open Destination Company" button from the "Import Data Into Destination
Company" segment of the Disk Transfer Utility. Snap "Truly, Always; Allow Access Even
if QuickBooks isn't Running" and check the choice to enable the application to get to
individual information. Snap "Proceed," "Yes" and "Done" in QuickBooks.
Stage 8
Snap the "Nearby" button for the "As of now Connected To" field in the Data Transfer
Utility. Change to Quickbooks, and close the organization record by Clicking the
"Document" menu and choosing "Close Company." This discloses to Quickbooks you're
finished altering the document.
Stage 9
Snap the "Change" button in the "Select Type of Data" field in the Data Transfer Utility, at
that point select which subsets of information you need to move to the essential PC. Snap
the "Import Data" button in the Data Transfer Utility when you're happy with the
outcomes. This synchronizes the information between both organization records. At the
point when this procedure is done, and you're sure you have every one of the information
imported that you need, erase the auxiliary source record from the essential PC.

Database Server Setup
Stage 1
Duplicate the Quickbooks installer document into both the essential and optional PCs.
You may need to duplicate it over your neighborhood system, or put the installer plate
into the two machines in case despite everything you're utilizing optical drives. An
installer window will come up. Snap "Yes to All" and afterward click "Next." Agree to the
permit terms and afterward click "Next" to start the installer.
Stage 2
Pick "Use Quickbooks on this PC," at that point select the alternative for "Store Company
document for Network Sharing" for the essential PC.
Stage 3
Enter your permit and item number on the essential PC when the installer inquires. Snap
"Introduce." Once the installer has run, click "Document," select "Utilities" and afterward
"Host Multi-User Access."
Stage 4
Change to the "Sweep Folders" tab, at that point click "Include Folder" and "Output" to
check the essential PC for the QuickBooks organization record. Snap "Close" when you
have checked the organization document has been found.
Stage 5
Snap the "Organization" menu, on the essential PC. Set up clients by clicking "Set Up
Users and Passwords" and "Set Up Users" in QuickBooks. Snap "Include User" and dole
out a username and secret word. Set the entrance choices for the auxiliary PC and snap
Stage 6

Select the choices for changing or erasing exchange consents, in view of who will get to
them from which PC, and what bodes well for your business. Snap "Next" and "Finish."
Stage 7
Move to the optional PC and snap "Document," "Open or Restore Company" and "Open a
Company" in QuickBooks. Peruse the system area of the essential organization record.
Select the record and afterward sign in with the username and secret phrase that you just
made on the essential PC.
The default area for your organization record in Windows is Documents\Public
Documents\Intuit\Quickbooks\Company Files. In case you're in Windows 8, utilize the
"Search" beguile in the correct hand Charm bar and type "Record Explorer" to raise the
ordinary Windows "settled document envelopes" view, and explore to the suitable index.