Why celebrate your baby’s first year?

When our baby turns his first year, we know that he still does not understand the meaning of the birthday or that the party that is celebrated is for him. Starting from this, parents always want the best for our children, so the first year of our children’s life is significant.

It is significant for the whole family, in general, to prepare a party to celebrate the first year of the smallest of the house. It is a way to express how happy we feel with our son and also remember always how wonderful it was to celebrate it.

Other mothers, on the other hand, think that the baby is tiny and will not enjoy his day, so he will prefer to wait until he is an age at which the little one is a little more mature and enjoys celebrating his 1st birthday.

That we moms are the ones who decide what to do with that moment, but what we can’t do is let the day go by without at least preparing or buying a cake to make a mini-celebration of their first year.

Now, perhaps you are in the indecision of celebrating your baby’s first year or not. For that reason, take into account the pros and cons of doing so.

Some reasons that will motivate you to celebrate the first year

  • A year ago, from the first day, you saw your baby, celebrate it! It is your most significant purpose and should be a great party, the reason for happiness and family union
  • If your baby has not attended his first party, the ideal time could be his birthday. He will certainly enjoy it in his way. Inevitably what will most attract your attention is the number of children with whom you can play or interact.
  • Yes, the baby is still tiny, but that memory of his first birthday will be a pleasant moment for him. Take lots of photos and videos! When I grow up, I will thank you.

Look for your party to have activities that you can enjoy and especially what you know that in this first year is what you like most.

The celebration of his birthday does not have to be a prevailing party. You can choose to take him on a trip to the beach, the pool or the mountain, the idea is that the baby feels that day is even more critical.

If your decision is not to celebrate with a particular party, do not forget

  • Organize, chop a cake, and make you feel different emotions. “He will know how to thank him,” and although you see him so small, they are single days for you, Daddy and Mommy, they deserve something different.
  • Invite the closest relatives and who share with him daily so that they are part of this intimate moment, and without the need for a big party, you will have a special moment.

Recommendations if you decide to celebrate your baby’s first year

You have the following ideas available, depending on what you want to do.

  • If you do it in the privacy of your home, decorate a lovely table with very bright colors, you should not miss a large cake with the number 1 (you can place it on the candle).
  • Invite very personal friends.
  • Do you think of a party? Make the party always focused on the personality of your baby, in what he likes, and attracts his attention, integrates something that makes him happy as clowns, magicians, dancers, animated characters.
  • Will you travel with him? Take it to a place where you can’t stop enjoying it, don’t forget your cake and your photos. Teach him that this cake is the reason for happiness for everyone who is on that day with him.

There are millions of ways to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday entertainment Ideas. The options are many. The significant thing is that you never let that day go by without him feeling happy and happy. We, moms, know how to give all that to our children.

So don’t hesitate, are you close to celebrating your baby’s first year? Decide what you want most and live it to the fullest with the little one and never forget that each stage brings unique and unrepeatable moments.