Which one is better IELTS or TOEFL Or GRE?

Are you dreaming of pursuing a  career abroad? Do you know what is your entry ticket to study or work abroad? The scores of examinations like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc are crucial. This is the reason why you can see many training institutes sprouting for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE coaching.  The next question is that of these examinations, which one is better and why. All these examinations and their scores are meant to understand the language proficiency of an individual. A high score in these examinations qualifies that you are eligible to pursue a course or work abroad. Let us first discuss how these examinations differ.

GRE[General Records Examination]
GRE examination is conducted to know whether the candidate is eligible to pursue a master’s abroad. The score is also valid so that you can settle in abroad. The only difference compared to the rest of the examinations is that the GRE score is valid for doing masters so the evaluation methods will be like the candidates must equally qualify the fact that he/she is eligible for pursuing a master’s degree abroad. So the exam patterns are different compared to IELTS and TOEFL as both of these are meant for checking your language proficiency only.

IELTS is an eligibility test examination that gives you an entry ticket to study or work abroad exclusively in UK colleges or institutions. Many institutes provide IELTS training to make the student crack the exam with a high score. If you get a high score for IELTS then you will be contacted by colleges in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.  The exam tests the candidate’s proficiency in English through listening, reading, speaking and writing. Students mostly prefer IELTS and its demand is soaring high.

TOEFL[Test Of English As A Foreign Language]
This is an entrance test to check whether a non-native of the US are eligible to pursue his/her higher studies in US colleges or universities. This is valid for universities in the US and to pursues the higher studies there. The exam procedure is the same as IELTS– listening, reading, writing and speaking. What differs is the place where you can apply. This is a computerized test.

Inferring from the above details we can see how it differs. When it comes to exam pattern, GRE is conducted online but for IELTS there will be a writing section where you will be assessed on the basis of your handwriting. So if you have bad handwriting then you can choose GRE or TOEFL.