3 Smart Home Devices You Must Keep In Your Home

Eufy Genie
Smart speakers have always been a costly addition to our smartphones but it changes the way we think
with its cheap price and outstanding features. It comes with built-in Alexa which lets you control your
smartphone devices with just your voice command. It can answer your questions set calendars reports
the weather and news and more to make your lifestyle more convenient. The Eufy Genie features a
built-in aluminum cone speaker that delivers dynamic audio and room filling sound so you can truly
enjoy your favorite playlists. It comes with a UV home app which lets you control the speaker via your
smartphone. You can also use the Amazon Alexa app to access more than 10,000 skills and services such
as Pandora Domino’s Pizza Uber ESPN and many more. You can use Eufy Genie to control all Alexa
compatible you feel smart products such as Robo vac 11 C and Lumos LED smart doll to unlock a true
voice-controlled smartphone experience. If you are looking for a cheap way to turn your whole home
into a voice-controlled smart home then the Eufy Genie smart speaker is the right choice for you.
Flic 2
Smart buttons can be an expensive way to turn your home into a smartphone but with Flick 2 you can
renovate your home in the cheap way. It comes with built-in Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which lets you
connect it with the smart home devices and control them with just a push of button. You can connect
multiple apps and assign specific actions with the Flic 2 and complete those actions within seconds. It
can also keep multiple connections to different apps simultaneously and allow you to combine functions
from multiple apps with a single button. With a Flic 2 smartphone app you can select what you want to
happen for each push double push and hold. You can even sequenced actions so that multiple things
happen when pushed twice. Comes with micro suction adhesive and a new rigid multi-purpose metal
feel that lets us take it on any surface or attach it with keys clothes bags and many more. It can provide
you visual feedback with its three color LED to let you know if your action was successful or not. And
comes with a powerful battery that can provide triple battery life than the original Flic the Flic 2 is a
perfect smart button within its cheap price range which can help you to make your home smart with just
a push of button.
Netvue Outdoor Security Camera
Netvue Outdoor vision camera a perfect surveillance camera which can be a property guardian at day
and night without standing night vision feature and excellent weatherproof performance. You can get a
full HD live feed of your home in time. The Netvue outdoor Wi-Fi camera is equipped with a 36mm lens
which delivers high resolution 1080p images while covering a 100 degree field of view. Through its
infrared LEDs you can get live HD video during the day and night. Allowing you to see at the 60 feet of
video even in the pitch dark. The Netvue camera has an app which allows you to control all the aspects
of vigil along with other Netvue devices. You can also share the device with other family members as
just like you watched your movie on Movie Hustle and now you willing to share it with your friends. The
Netvue outdoor visual camera sends phone notification based on its motion sensing technology and
with its AI technology the camera can detect human body from general movements and send you alarm
when a human is detected. The camera is equipped with built-in ultra-responsive microphone which

allows smooth and stable two-way conversation with home ever standing at your door or scare away
the large in people. The visual camera helps you watch your family when you are not home and while
you’re home you can turn on the sleep mode in the Netvue app to not record any images or videos. You
can also schedule the slave no time saving you from the hassle of constantly turning on or off the
cameras. This surveillance camera automatically records continuous videos for up to 14 days on the
Netvue cloud. Along with the rain color conversation you have with the visitors and unusual activities
detected. The camera also has a micro SD card slot that supports up 128 GB. This camera is ip66 water-
resistant and it has a temperature resistivity from 10 to 50 doses which means the camera strong
enough to withstand in any condition. It also works with Amazon Alexa enabled devices allowing you to
have its tons of abilities and services. If you want to ensure better security of your family or any
commercial area then the Netvue outdoor visual camera can be a great choice for you.