Gain the Younger you once again with the Facelift Surgery

A great solution as long as it is done in a thoughtful and thoughtful way. It is done after a deep study of facial structure, skin type and the degree of aging of each person. For you, your face is the most important. Today we find the fashion of facelift that only serves to stretch the skin. Anyone with lots of fat collected o her face can undergo this procedure. But be careful that the lifting of the face is something very different. This is about restoring and recomposing, so experience and well-practiced hands are required. Features that not everyone can meet. Trust only true professionals.

The most recent studies tell about the importance of elimination of the excess fat for the facial contour. The tissue drop can be compensated precisely through a volumetric restoration in balance with the proper facelift.

Facelift Surgery in India

With the facelift surgery in India, it is possible to rejuvenate the face. The effect of age, sun exposure, among other factors affects the skin, but this has a solution. This technique offers natural results and it is possible to associate it with other treatments for greater patient satisfaction. Despite the many mesotherapy treatments that exist today, the facelift still has great importance in facial rejuvenation. It is the only technique that allows us to reposition tissues that have fallen at the level of the cheekbone, labial groove, mandibular line, and neck. All this without having to make excessive fillings that can be unnatural and extravagant.

Satisfied Results with Facelift Surgery

Facelift with facial lipofilling in India consists of transferring Autologous fat to areas of the face that have lost volume. In this way, very natural results are achieved with which the patient will be satisfied. Many people wonder how to rejuvenate the face and restore the freshness that is lost over the years. The loss of fat and muscle mass that supports the skin is what causes sagging in the facial oval. While the skin loses that support, vasogenic grooves also begin to appear or become more visible. Then it becomes necessary to resort to surgery to reduce this effect and have a more youthful appearance again.

Removal of the signs of aging

Facelift emerges as a technique that allows filling these grooves and irregularities. Thus returning the lost volume; the results achieved are very effective. No prosthesis or skin tightening is required to return youth to the face. Being a procedure that is performed with the patient’s own fat there is also no danger of rejection. After the intervention, the patient will have a smoother, less flaccid skin and the facial oval will have regained its volume. This type of procedure is applied in several parts of the face. For example, you can only do lip augmentation with own fat or also increase the cheekbones.

The distribution of facial fat is of extraordinary importance in facial beauty. Facelift or autologous fat grafting is the technique that allows us to increase cheekbones and lips. As well as treating the fine lines and other types of facial wrinkles that, due to age and loss of skin elasticity, have occurred.