How is Big Data Collected: A Guide for Businesses

Collecting big data will provide your business with quantifiable information on everything that your consumers like to do on the internet. Collecting big data means that you will be collecting data using more technical methods than just web tracking and cookies.

Big data often gives businesses unusual, surprising information and insights into their target audiences’ lives. This information is often vital to the business and it can improve both products and services.

In this article, we will run through how companies collect big data in creative ways and why this data is useful to your business. How is big data collected? Continue reading to find out.

How is Big Data Collected?

Collecting big data can be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses. You will need an easy and user-friendly way to collect and store this information. You will need complex software to withdraw and run analytic reports on the data that you collect.

Without these reports, you will not be able to use this data to improve your business. Collecting big data is no easy or cheap task but it can be worth it in the long run.

But why should your business collect big data? Continue reading below to find out.

Why Should Your Business Collect Data?

The biggest and most obvious reason for collecting big data is that you can improve your products and services and gauge customer preferences. Many companies are getting varying insights into the data collection.

Companies will see an improvement in product development customer preference understanding and an improvement in business processes.

As a company, you do have to comply with the CCPA if you are collecting personal data from customers. For more information on this, read more here.

Loyalty Cards or Programs

Loyalty cards and programs are a popular way for businesses to collect big data from their consumers. In order to sign up for the loyalty card you often have to give your email address, home address, telephone number, and full name.

When companies collect this data they can use it to analyze consumer spending habits.


There are many low-cost satellites that are orbiting the world to collect data. Technology like Google Maps and Google Earth means that satellite data is available publically.

Data analysts are using satellite data to pair it with other data to produce a complete data profile. This can benefit your business by getting a full data picture of your consumers or target market.


You may assume all email inboxes are completely private and inaccessible. Email marketers can extract information from your customer’s email inboxes and use this to collect data and target customer interests.

Social Media

Social networks are one of the biggest sources of collecting big data from consumers. Almost all of the global population uses different social media platforms daily. These platforms are now being analyzed to benefit businesses.

This data can show consumer trends such as what they like and dislike and what their preferences are surrounding your business niche.

Start Collecting Data to Benefit Your Business!

Now you know the answer to ‘how is big data collected?’, start collecting big data to benefit your business today. You can use the data to target marketing campaigns or product development to your target audience.

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