International Certification Courses: Way to be Professional with your choice

International Professional Certification or qualification able a person the qualification to perform a new job with better competency and professional management. It is a third party certification / attestation of a particular level of proficiency in certain professions. This attestation is granted by several authorizations like governmental / open universities, trade associations, private companies and certificate granting agencies who are interested in raising standards for certification, licensing and credential programs. These professional certification courses are very common in the sectors of finance, aviation, agriculture, healthcare, business and real estate.

Roughly the certification courses can be sketched out into three subcategories:

1. Internal Certification course:

This course is made by corporate organizations for internal purposes. This certification courses are time limited, as an example: some organizations provide a week of training courses for all sales personnel, and after the training process, certificates are given to them. But these certificates has limited probability.

2. Profession-wide:

The most common type of certification is profession-wide. To achieve the professional standard along with the excellence with the level of practice, professional organizations like medical fraternities provide certificate courses are often offered in particular specialized sectors. This is also portable across the location.

3. Product-specific:

This courses are involved with products referenced with various applications. On the contrary with the internal certification courses, this type of certifications are portable. That means, certificate provided by a cooperation is also valid with other corporation that deals with that software.

Lots of universities and institutes award certificates with the completion of an educational program. Maximum of these courses have open enrollment, but in fewer courses one have to undergo an admission procedure.

According to the standard of the courses offered, this certification course are even classified in two categories. Basic certification course and advance certification courses.

Let us take a glance, what kind of courses one can look for;

  1. Professional certificate course in Graphic Design
  2. Professional certificate course in Marketing
  3. Professional certificate course in Accounting
  4. Professional certificate course in Customer relationship management
  5. Professional certificate course in Human resources

These are some basic and common courses offered by universities like New York University, Stanford University, St. John’s University and many more. Apart from these, there are some advanced certification courses that are designed to help professionals to enhance their job performances. Broadly they can be subcategorized in

  1. Courses on Accounting, finance, investments and auditing. (Courses offered by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Government Finance Officers Association, CPA Canada etc.)
  2. Courses on Aviation. (Courses offered by Federal Aviation Administration, Joint Aviation Authorities etc.)
  3. Courses on Computer technologies. (Courses offered by British Computer Society, The Institution of Engineering and Technology etc.)
  4. Courses on Architects. (Courses offered by American Institute of Architects, National Council of Architecture Registration Boards etc.)

In today’s world one have to wait for others assistance to learn something new. One can choose any course online and get a mastery on that course by spending roughly 200-300 class room hours along with a certificate. All credit goes to the International Certification Courses.