What Lens Colors Mean on a Motorcycle Helmet

Any time you hop on your motorcycle, you need a helmet to go along with it. This is for your own protection, and you can find numerous high-quality motorcycle helmets online. Another important piece of motorcycle apparel to pay attention to is the lens color that comes on your helmet. While selecting a color just seems like an aesthetic choice, different colors provide different advantages when you are on the road. You may even need a certain color to ride your bike at a given time of day.


A clear lens is the most basic one you will find. You need this variation if you plan on riding your motorcycle at night. Many states have outlaws wearing tinted glasses at night as they can impact your vision. Additionally, you should have clear lenses if you suspect you will need to ride in the rain. When you need to see clearly, a clear lens is the way to go.

Amber or Yellow

An amber or yellow lens enhances your depth perception. This will come in handy when you are riding your bike in low light or foggy conditions. While yellow lenses may make you feel like you are in the military on a special mission, they offer so much more than aesthetic appeal.

Smoke or Grey

When you want the clearest picture possible of what you are actually seeing, you should opt for a smoke-tinted or grey lens. They provide some relief from bright sunlight that would ordinarily block your view. These lenses are recommended if you have a sensitivity to light. If you will be riding your bike during extended periods of brightness, then this lens is recommended. You just need to make sure you swap out lenses once the sun goes down.

Any Other Color

Your motorcycle helmet lenses can come in an array of other colors. You can find ones that are brown, blue, green and almost anything else you can think of. While it is fun to browse through UTV riding gear and accessories, you need to think about what is most practical rather than what you like. Although blue might be your favorite color, it will not provide you with a clear view of the road ahead of you. The lenses give you a Technicolor filter over the real world. None of these colors provide any substantial benefits. It may not matter if the road is clear outside. However, if it is particularly bright or foggy, then you should avoid wearing these lenses at all costs.

You will find all kinds of motorcycle helmets online. Each one comes with its own lens, but in many cases, you will be able to switch the lens with one of your choosing. This helps immensely if you require prescription lenses when you are on your motorcycle. Now that you know which benefits each lens color correlates to, you are ready to be a more informed shopper. Browse online to see a fantastic selection of motorcycle apparel that will keep you safe and make you the most stylish rider on the road.