How Professional Certification Benefits Companies at large?

Two hiring managers were discussing the merits of spending on employee training. One asks, “What if our company spends money on staff training and they leave?” After some thought the other responds, “What if we don’t and they stay?”

The latter idea often sends chills to many top companies, as it should.

The 2018 Open Source Jobs Report by The Linux Foundation and Dice found, nowadays hiring managers are more willing to pay for professional certifications of existing employees, than invest in outside talent.

While time and again companies have better rewarded certified professionals in hiring and promotions, they often neglect the benefits of getting their entire workforce certified. Here are prime reasons why many organizations are going for it.

Get a Motivated Workforce—And find those not so motivated!

Individuals have a strong desire for significant accomplishment, mastering of skills and acquiring high standards. Bringing a reputed and best credentialing company to get your workforce certified will bring confidence in your employees in their knowledge and skills. This will foster a happy workforce.

Motivated employees also bring in innovation and build a culture of courage. They challenge the status quo and keep pushing for better results and the ways of obtaining them. More importantly, along with creating a happy workforce, this process will bring out the slow learners and those not so motivated. Your HR managers, then, can work on the latter lot through in-house training.

Improved Productivity and Risk Resilience

Credited professionals are better trained. They are better likely to enhance the quality of the entire organization by upgrading the processes and thence products or services offered. Before accrediting professionals, credentialing organizations ensures that the employees conform to the standard body of knowledge and possess the knowledge, experience and, skill-set for the operations.

Professional certifications are the best way to weave a strong internal fabric of excellence in your organization. Improved quality has a direct influence on the company’s resilience for risks. Certified professionals are more aware of the potential risks and can prevent, deal and recover from adversity.

Become Authority Figure with Third-Party Endorsement

Accreditation by a credentialing organization carries weight because it is generally a third-party, unbiased and vendor-neutral endorsement to your employees’ competence. This will shout out to the outer world and your clients that you hold your company to the highest of standards and their future is in competent hands. Your clients will feel safe and more secure.

Certified organizations are more trustworthy and gain a competitive edge through credibility in the market. They are more likely to retain existing clients and attract better business and investors.

Work in greater unison

Do you sometimes feel challenged by your rapidly growing organization or its expanding operations around the globe? Getting professional certification for your existing workforce will establish minimum basic efficiency criteria. This will help your organization to scale, irrespective of the number of employees and base of operations. In addition to creating conformance in standards.

Your organization can later use this as a method for recognizing top employees, for promotions, or as a recruiting tool.