Marketing is always on the move.

With more than 70% of US adults now using social media — a medium that didn’t even exist just a few years ago — it can be tough to keep up with where and how to reach your customers effectively.

Thankfully, our app-saturated world is delivering loads of great tools to track and optimize your marketing. From social media promotions to design, there’s an app to help you find and connect with more buyers.

Read on for a quick look at five of the best marketing apps for your business and why you need to start using them today.


If you’re using the power of social media for your business, there is no better way to keep your posts on track than with an app like Hootsuite.

One of the biggest challenges of using social media effectively for marketing is staying consistent. With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts and social ads to appear at the optimal time.

This app also allows you to track your social campaigns and measure the effectiveness of your posts — a must-have feature if you want to improve your marketing efforts.


Buffer does many of the same things Hootsuite does but does not support social advertising — just posting.

Buffer’s pricing and interface are also a bit better than Hootsuite’s. This makes Buffer a better option for smaller organizations, those with smaller budgets, or anyone who isn’t using social media quite as aggressively but still wants to optimize their social media posting.


Canva is another indispensable tool for marketers.

Even if you’re not a designer and have zero design sensibility, Canva helps you quickly and easily create great designs right in your browser or from your mobile device.

With hundreds (if not thousands) of templates to choose from, you can create really nice images for social posts, emails, and a whole lot more. You can even make logos and eBook covers with Canva.


If your business relies on content marketing, you need to be using BuzzSumo. And right now, content is more important than ever with consumers increasingly making decisions based on content instead of traditional marketing tactics.

BuzzSumo is a very powerful tool for researching and optimizing content like blog posts and in-depth articles. This tool helps you see what’s trending across social media. You can also use BuzzSumo to find and connect with important influencers.

Facebook Pages Manager App

Managing a Facebook page for a business is tough. This is even more difficult if your business has multiple pages or a lot of activity.

Facebook’s Pages Manager App allows you to manage your page, or pages, right on your phone or mobile device. This app makes it easy to check on your page and make changes or interact with customers without returning to your computer.

Free yourself up to knock out important tasks like managing payroll with

Picking the Best Marketing Apps for Your Business

What are the best marketing apps for your business?

Not every business has the same needs, so take some time to define your needs and the best apps for your situation.

Learn more about the latest apps and marketing tips and tricks.

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