7 Reasons Why College Scholarships are Important

Are you wondering whether you should commit your time to apply for college scholarships? If you’re on the fence, we can help you decide.

Scholarships are designed as an award for a student’s academic performance. They help ensure that hard-working and underserved students get the chance to gain higher education by funding part of or all of a student’s tuition and fees.

But, there’s more to scholarships than just financial support. You’re probably wondering what other benefits do scholarships have besides funding.

Well, we’re here to tell you.

Why College Scholarships are Important

College scholarships do more than simply cover the costs of tuition and fees. They offer support in many areas, freedom of choice and time to focus on studies, and have advantages that will last a lifetime.

Keep reading to learn seven reasons why college scholarships are important for a bright future.

1. College is Expensive

The most obvious reason why college scholarships are important is the fact that college is expensive. In the last ten years, the cost of attending a public four-year college has increased by almost $3,000, and the cost of attending a private university has increased by more than $7,000.

On average, it costs almost $10,000 per year to attend a public four-year university and that’s in-state. Out-of-state will cost you more than $23,000 per year just for tuition.

With a scholarship, you won’t have to worry about how you or your parents will pay for the ever-increasing cost of college. Instead, you can focus on your dreams and attend the University of your dreams, too.

2. Don’t Forget Living Costs

Attending college costs more than tuition and fees. It means room and board (unless you plan to live at home and commute), food, books, and supplies. It is also a huge time commitment.

Without a scholarship, you will have to balance how to pay for tuition plus all of these additional living expenses. Plus, you may have to get a part-time job that could take time away from your studies.

These are large reasons why college scholarships are important. They allow you to use your finances for living and focusing on what matters, like writing your IT research paper, because you won’t have to spend all your money on tuition.

3. Graduate with Little to No Debt

Let’s face it. Credit means everything in today’s world. A young adult with poor debt-to-income ratio because of student loans will not have the best credit rating.

You can prevent student loan debt, or lower it significantly, with a scholarship. Instead of having to take out large student loans to pay tuition, you can live debt free or accept small loans to cover your rent and basic needs.

Leaving college will little to no debt will help you with your post-college needs such a buying a home or car.

4. Resume Builder and Credibility

Putting scholarships and awards on your resume and CV is a great way to boost your credibility and earn respect when you begin looking for a job after college. Gaining a scholarship or fellowship shows you are a hard worker, intelligent, and will do what it takes to make your dreams come true!

This means that students who receive scholarships have an upper-hand over the competition. Employers will be more likely to choose scholarship holders for interviews and positions Los Bastardos.

5. Become Part of a Renowned Membership or Society

Getting a scholarship often allows you to become a member of a scholarly group or organization, which ultimately increases your academic and career network and opens doors to future opportunities.

For example, if you receive a scholarship from the National Honor Society, you will gain lifetime membership to this premier organization. The Honor Society has been around for more than 200 years and is internationally recognized as a prestigious organization. You can learn more about the history of the Honor Society here.

Gaining scholarly membership means that you can claim your membership status on your resume, CV, and job interviews. Plus, your award will be kept on record within the organization or funding agency and may even be displayed publicly in a museum or the building of the reputable funding organization.

6. Freedom

Getting a scholarship gives you freedom.

Some degree programs cost more than others. Some universities charge higher tuition. With a scholarship, these are things you won’t have to worry about as much.

A college scholarship will give you the freedom to attend the university of your choice, the major you really desire, and the freedom to focus on your schoolwork rather than worrying about finances and debt.

You’ll even have time to use the 10 best apps for college students and ace your college experience.

7. Study Abroad

Scholarships are the best and most common way for students to study abroad. Often there are scholarships specifically for abroad programs, but traditional scholarships will cover abroad courses as long as they are part of the student’s traditional tuition and credit hours.

Studying abroad has many benefits of its own. It allows you to have a cultural experience and boosts your resume (trust me, employees like to see young adults who are well-versed in societies outside of their own). It also is an opportunity to enhance your foreign language skills and is just out-right fun and exciting.

If you’ve always wanted to study abroad, then a scholarship is the way to go.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now you know why college scholarships are important in helping young adults succeed in their higher education endeavors and after college.

Scholarships help lessen the burden of rising college tuition and living costs and allow students to focus on their schoolwork and study a topic they are passionate about at the school they desire.

College scholarships also open doors to prestigious organizations and memberships, interviews and job opportunities, and credit-related opportunities. They can also help lessen the financial impact of attending college for a student’s family, too.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on college scholarships, check out all of our posts designed to get you ready for college. You’ll be a pro at college before you even get there!