Pump Up the Jams: 4 Simple Tips for Making a Music Video

Do you want to know what it’s like to make a music video?

Music videos have been the way to sell records and promote musicians since “Video Killed the Radio Star” aired on MTV in 1981. Even though MTV isn’t known for music anymore, videos can play an important role because there are a wider means of distribution.

YouTube and social media channels can put your music video out to the masses, but you have a make a great music video that grabs attention.

Keep reading to find out how you can create an amazing music video with little budget.

Preparation Is Everything

The more time you spend shooting your video, the more costly it can be. You’ll want to know the story you’re telling in your video and the mood matches with the song. You can storyboard the video so you know exactly what your shots are going to be and what lighting will be required.

In many cases, less is more. You can stick with one shot on the singer’s face like in this video by Spanish pop sensation Malú. With over 7.3 million views, there´s something you can learn here.

Logistics & Locations

You´ll want to take care of the logistics of shooting a music video, too. For example, if you´re shooting at an outdoor location or on private property, will you need to get a filming permit? That’s going to depend on where you’re shooting and something you need to be aware of.

Hire Your Crew

You’re very unlikely to shoot a video by yourself, so you’ll want to get the right help that won’t kill your budget. Your friends are likely to help, which can be a great source of support.

You can always put an ad out to hire people looking to get film experience. You can also check with local colleges and high schools with a TV or communications program for additional help.

Who’s Your Talent?

In your concept of the video, will you be working just with the musicians or will you work with outside talent? If your answer is the latter of the two, then you’re going to need to hire actors to play parts in your video.

This shouldn’t be too difficult, but in order to hire the right person, you need to have a clear vision of the role.

Shooting and Editing Your Video

Shooting should be pretty simple because you have a great crew and you know exactly what you want out of each shot. This is where that preparation pays off.

Once you have your raw film ready to go, you have to splice it together with the music using a video editor. This is a part of the process that requires a lot of patience to get it right.

Launching the Video

This is going to be the most rewarding part. Now that you have a polished and edited music video, you can release it to the public.

You can release it on social media channels and on your band’s website for public consumption. You can also create a mobile app where users can watch videos and find out more about your music, too.

Making a Music Video with an Impact

Music is such an important part of our lives. We associate it with certain memories and emotions that stay with us for many years.

We also associate music with their videos, which is why making a music video is important. It also helps you promote your art.

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