13 Of The Coolest Tech Gadgets Coming Out In 2019

Are you a technology junkie?

If so, you’ve got a lot of new product releases to look forward to in 2019. New technology keeps rolling out each year, so it can be difficult to know which ones are worth the hype and where you should save your money.

Keep reading to learn more about the coolest tech pieces to expect this year. We promise that these items will be worth your investment!

The Coolest Tech Coming Out This Year

If you’re looking for cool gadget gifts to give this year, plenty of companies have products that deliver. Here are 13 of the coolest tech releases to consider:

1. Smart Refrigerators

Nearly every part of the home is getting an upgrade with intelligent technology, but this smart fridge goes above and beyond. It’s a personal assistant in your kitchen.

2. Apple TV Plus

Apple is finally starting to compete with huge streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. You have a lot of new content to look forward to on this platform, from famous names like Oprah and Steven Speilberg.

3. LG’s New Minimalist TV

This new TV from LG is getting attention because it rolls up like a poster when it’s not in use. All your left with is a minimalist piece of furniture with no chords or screen in site.

4. Quantum Computer

The future of computing is here, thanks to IBM’s new quantum computer. It’s the first-ever quantum computer designed for commercial use.

5. Foldable Phone

The future of phones is also changing with this new foldable release from Samsung.

6. 49-Inch Curved Computer Monitor

This new monitor from Samsung is a gamers dream come true. It features a 49-inch curved screen, which means that double monitors are a thing of the past.

7. PS4 Pro

The gamers in your life will also appreciate the PS4 Pro, which is one of the best consoles you can buy right now.

8. Heated Razor

New technology is taking over every aspect of our daily routines, including shaving. This new razor from Gillette is heated to make every shave feel like a full spa experience.

9. Portable Diffuser

Give your scent diffusers an upgrade with this portable model. It features multiple scent capsules and smart technology.

10. KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

This kitchen gadget combines nearly all of your appliances into one handy tool. It steams, cooks, chops and so much more, all in one small machine.

11. Lenovo Smart Clock

A smart clock makes the perfect bedside table companion. This one is small, does everything you need it to and is reasonably priced.

12. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are getting more and more sophisticated, and this release from Withings is a good investment for the fitness obsessed. It will hold a charge for nearly 18 months, so you’ll never have to worry about it dying mid-workout.

13. Mophie Juice Pack

If you’re on your iPhone a lot, you’ll need to invest in the newest design of the Mophie Juice Pack. This version doesn’t cover up the lightning jack, so you can still plug in dongles to use headphones.

Learn More About The Latest Tech Releases

Keeping up with the coolest tech releases in 2019 isn’t easy because new things keep popping up all the time.

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