8 Unexpected Things Students Face in the First Year of College

Going to attend your first year at college? Your excitement and dreams of a life full of fun
are understandable. Changed schedules, food, friends, especially new boyfriend/girlfriend
and many other new things brings mixed feelings of confusion, fear, and excitement.
Apart from that, those who have already attended college, like your siblings, teachers,
friends, and family members will give you a lot of advice. They all will tell you the things
that will make your first-year college journey easy. But still, there will be many things that
they wouldn’t be telling you. It’s because they are somewhat common and most of them
think you are or will get used to them very quickly.

But it’s not the case with everybody. Many freshmen face huge issues and get bad
experiences when they are totally unaware of what will be coming into their way when they
enter the college in the first year. You wouldn’t want to have that bad time, right? So,
having a read about those things will surely be extremely helpful in handling strange or
next-level challenges if your college life.
Here are the top unexpected things that you would be facing in your first year in college.
And the chances are quite high that you will go through tough time and confusion if you
don’t know about them beforehand. So, it would be worth spending your time to read about
them in this article.

1. Unstable finances

Your parents would be the main source of finances you need during all your school and
high-school years. But moving to a college is a different thing. They expect you to take

care of your finances and spend like a mature when you are in your graduation years.
Though they will be supporting you with the expenses, you wouldn’t want to let your entire
cost be on them.
Also, when you are attending a college that is not in your home-town, there will be quite a
lot of things that you wouldn’t have expected and will put an extra burden on your pocket.
If you were not advised about this by old college students in your friend group and
relatives, you will end up spending more than you should. And there will be times when
you would have to keep your hands crossed avoiding fun time with your new friends.
To avoid this situation, look for ways to save money. Use the library instead of buying
costly books at the beginning of your semester. When you have an idea on which books
you should buy, then only you should buy them. Also buying old books from Amazon or
other sites, or buying one on a shared base with a friend will help save quite a good

2. Adjustment issues with room-mates

If you have spent your school time by staying with your parents and have never
experienced the hostel life, adjusting with your new lifestyle would be probably hard.
Sharing your space with others is not easy and getting accustomed to it will take a lot of
patience, maturity, and readiness to let things go.
Some students will be hard to handle, and you would often get into a quarrel. But if you
accept the reality that they are the one you have to spend the rest of your college year
with, it will become easy to adjust with them. You don’t have to be too soft but being good
to them will be enough to start this phase smoothly.

3. Increased personal-care responsibility

As a child, you may be careless, and your parents were there to take care of you. It was
even easy in your high-school time as most of your personal chores were managed by
your mom. But living in a hostel during your college study is an entirely different thing.
Taking care of your books and clothes to your health and hygiene, everything will be your
responsibility. There will be nobody there to do it for you and if you don’t do it yourself, you
will end up with a mess that will badly affect your health, outlook, and performance.
Apart from this, you will be seen as an adult, so even though you will be a freshman in the
college, only you will be the one responsible for whatever happens to you. You will be
expected to take correct decisions and actions and will be alone to bear whatever results
come up.

4. Challenging professors and assignments

At first, your professors would seem not interested in you. But in reality, no matter they
know you or not, they would want you to be good at studies and successful in the exams.
Due to hundreds of students they have to handle in the classes, it is quite possible that

they will not be knowing the names of all the students. But it doesn’t mean they don’t care
if you do well or not.
Seemingly, they may be tough to be with and will be giving large and hard assignments,
but ultimately, they want you to be efficient so that you don’t fail your exam. It will be good
to you if you understand this thing from the first day and start studying that way. If you can
maintain a good impression form the first day, you will be in the good book of your

5. Parties and drinking

College life means fun, partying, drinking, and even having drugs and sex. If you are quite
new to these things, it will be helpful to be careful. Have control over your mind and urge to
try and enjoy new kinds of entertainment. Also, parties of adults studying in college will be
different from those you have attended in your school days.
Everything from your dress to behavior and drinks to foods will require your mature
attention if you don’t want to look a rookie. Also, if you are going to have sex with a
stranger in a party or anywhere, which is quite obvious and possible, you should be extra
careful to avoid getting infected with STDs that can harm your health and reputation.

6. Same food daily

You may be fond of delicious food, especially those cooked by your mom. But the case will
be quite opposite when you are in the college where you have to eat the common food in
the college canteen or the hostel.
Having the same boring food in your dish daily will make you miss tasty food you had been
enjoying during your school days. Even your health may respond negatively. But there are
surely some ways you can try to turn those all-day same foods to fresh dishes. You can
look for the college cafeteria hacks online.
7. Temporary and life-long friends
College time brings a log of new things. It includes new friends as well. If you are from a
rich family and have things like a car and other precious gadgets, you will be surprised to
see that many students would love to be a friend of yours.
However, beware of those who are not real friends and are just there to use your things or
take a ride. You will also see that many friends will come and go and only a few will stay
there with you as life-long friends. Great post to read.

8. Difficult time management

Since you will be alone and responsible for yourself, managing your time may be difficult
initially. If you don’t know the tricks and hacks to ease your tasks and responsibilities, you
will end up spending much of your time with no good results.
This is especially possible when you are doing a part-time job to support your finances. If
this is so, you may also have to study hard in the end if you can’t assign enough time

throughout the semester. This is among the most important things that probably would not
be advised by your good-wishers while moving to a college as a freshman. But it is the
thing you have to take care of if you want to be successful in your first year of college.
We have covered the most important things that you may face unexpectedly in your first
year in college. However, there are many things that may turn to be quite stranger, so your
wise decisions and cool behavior as a mature person will be highly expected for easy and
smooth college life. Learn to be one as soon as possible.